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Waking today, I found my legs felt much better, I still had an ache but I could now lift my feet more than 6 inches off the floor.
I packed my bags and headed downstairs to have a bit of lunch, my stomach feeling dramatically better than it had for the last day and a half; things appeared to be getting back to normal.
Breakfast finished, and bags ready we all assembled and jumped in a private van and pick up truck (the bags going in the back of the truck) for the drive to Lake Arenal. The journey was somewhat bumpy again, heading back down the roads we'd taken a few days previous. Still the scenerary was nice to gaze at out of the van windows, as the weather drew in the rain and fog descended and I decided it felt just like driving through the North of England; North Yorkshire maybe, with the lush green rolling hills, the rain and the fog. Still we pushed on bumping and careering over roads which were now becoming flooded; at one point I was beginning to doubt whether we'd actually be able to keep going in the weather on these roads in a normal vehicle such as this.
After about 2.5 hours we made it to Lake Arenal, got out the van and sheltered from the rain while waiting for our boat to be ready. While we waited Martin told us about the lake, it's man made, being artificially damned at one end; the damn produces a large amount of power for Costa Rica.
The boat being ready we climbed aboard and settled down for our three quaters of an hour trip across the lake. The boat trip went without a hitch, the rain was still falling but we were treated to some nice views of the landscape surrounding the lake.
Disembarking from the boat we got into another private van and headed off, on tarmaced roads this time, towards La Fortuna. The first thing that struck me about this part of Costa Rica; was the tourism! There were luxury hotels, apartments etc everywhere it was a big shock. True Monteverde had been quite touristy but I hadn't seen much of this being bed bound for the majority of the time, so comparing against Nicaragua it was a huge shift. As we circled round the base of Arenal there were more and more fancy resorts, which I could only imagine were full of wealthy North Americans & Europeans - not my cup of tea I'm afraid.
After half hour we arrived in La Fortuna and at our hotel on the edge of town. Having checked in we started walking into the town to make a familar trip to a tour operator's (Desafio) office to find out what we could do in and around La Fortuna. Half way along the journey we watched as a stray dog got hit by a car, the screams the dog let out we truelly horrific, holding it's leg at horrible angle behind its head the dog lay down and passed away right there on the road in front of us. It was really a horrible and disturbing thing to watch, and really affected certain members of the group. We were all in a sombre mood when we reached Desafio's office, which i think puzzled the staff. Having reviewed our options I chose to go White Water Rafting on Rio Toro for a warm up to New Year's Eve, and then go to Baldi hot springs on the evening of New Year's Day. The tour operator manager was pushing the hike around Arenal Volcano for that evening and was a bit shocked when we all declined, personally i'd been up enough Volcanos after Concepcion and knew we wouldn't have any sort of view with the cloud cover hanging over Arenal.

For the rest of the day I explored the town; there was very little there except of restaurants, Soda places, tourist shops and tour operator offices.

Later in the evening we all went out to dinner, my stomach not being quite right still, I ordered the child's cheese burger; which even that I barely managed to finish. All of us feeling tired we all headed off to bed early, ready for our busy New Years Eve.

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La Fortuna
photo by: jeannajumps