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I met with the group that was to go Kayaking that morning, and we all walked to the tour office, jumped in the van and made the short drive to our put in to the lake. When we got to the lake it was very choppy and we all looked at the waves slamming against the shoreline and felt a bit nervous. Still we got our life jackets on, stored our stuff away in dry bags, took group photos and launched into the lake. It was actually much better than expected, and I was launched with minimal splash, Dave & Naomi took a wave over the bow of their Kayak and were sitting in a fair bit of water. Still we paddled out and got used to the kayaks and the drumming of the waves. We set a course along the edge of the lake, to were the water was calmer, and those who needed to got to empty the water out of their kayaks.
We then set off, paddling our way round the multiple islands that dot Lake Nicaragua, some had mansions on that were incredibly beautiful; one is apparently occupied by the owner of Flor De Cana rum! We watched locals rowing in little boats, and children playing water fights in these boats, we saw local men fishing and going about their daily business. Having remembered my waterproof camera this time, i was in charge of taking the photos, of us and the views.
We made our way to Monkey island and watched the monkeys play down by the waters edge, coming up to the boats carrying tourists. We then made our way to another island with a restaurant/bar for a much deserved rest and drink. One coke later, and we were back on the water, paddling off to the old Spanish fort, which apparently the Brits claimed!!! (WOOO us Brits)! Again taking the obligatory group photos, looking around and the girls being given a local "magic" flower we got back in the kayaks and headed back to shore.

We got back, had a splash and dash shower and all went to the Art Market in Masaya; as we were going to be all together for Christmas we'd agreed to do Secret Santa, and all needed to do our shopping for this. Martin led us to the bus station, loaded us on, was assured by the bus driver that we'd be dropped in the centre of town, and off we went. Well what a suprise, we were dropped on the main road at the edge of town. Luckily Julie had her Lonely Planet so we were able to walk into town and find the Market, we agreed on an hours shopping and then we'd all meet to attempt to get the bus home again. An hour I thought, great I'd be done in 15 and could then grab a nice cold Tona beer.
WRONG! We had a budget of $5, which turned out to be very difficult to meet, plus buying for someone you don't know really well and of the opposite sex was puzzling me.
With only ten minutes untill we were due to meet, I could hear the countdown music in my head, I made my purchase and went to meet the others.
Upon all meeting, we tramped through town and made our way to the "bus station", essentially a large dirt field with a load of busses, people and all sorts in a massive jumble of noise and motion. It was insane!
We thought we'd just stand on the corner and hail down the next bus heading for Granada, this proved hilarious for the locals, seeing a bunch of "gringos" stood on the corner looking a bit sheepish, and indeed we got the highly orginal call of "hey gringo!". Eventually a Chicken bus pulled up, which we all looked at, and then looked at each other, and then looked back at the bus. It was crammed full, yet they still wanted us on it.
So giving in to persuasion, and with our adventurous spirits buzzing we squeezed on board; I was almost hanging out of the back door of the bus! What proceeded was a crazy drive, squashed in, balancing at a weird angle and watching amazing as "spiderman" ran up an down the roof of the bus throwing stuff off the bus when people got off, and packing more and more people on. What an experience!
We got to Granada slightly thinner, but with a grin on my face and made our way back to the hotel, after a thoroughly eventful and enjoyable day. Looking forward to travelling to San Juan del Sur tomorrow and to the BEACH FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!
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photo by: Paulovic