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I awoke at 05.15 and met the group at 05.40, we walked to the bus and left Copan Ruinas at 06.00. The journey through the hills was spectacular and at times we were driving across terrain which buses shouldn't be able to cross (i doubt most Land Rover owners drive across this sort of terrain!). The road had been washed away in places by the recent torrential rain storms that had plagued Central America, and there were many temporary passes put in place. The journey through the hills was spectacular and the views beautiful, Honduras struck me as being a lot more lush and green than the barren, arid lands in Southern Guatemala. After 3.5 hours we reached the bus terminal in San Pedro (something or other, i can't remember the name) where we grabbed a bite to eat and rested for and hour before our next bus.
This journey took a further 4 hours passing through flatter lands, journeying through many little towns with shacks and litter strewn in the verges of the road. I guess there's not much of a rubbish collection there, so the people have little choice. It was quite sad to see the children playing among the rubbish though.
We got off the bus at La Ceiba and got in a taxi to take a quick ride to the ferry terminal, yet another crazy trip, with a lot of blaring of horns, and prayers said on our parts, and cars, buses and motorcycles all came perilously close, all while the taxi driver merrily sang and eyed up the local girls.
Surviving the journey we made it through to the ferry terminal and after a brief wait we boarded the boat for the 1.
5 hour crossing to Roatan ... the CARIBBEAN!!!!!!!! I was a little excited! (You may be able to tell).
The ferry journey was rather rough, with a steady pitching back and forth, some poor passengers had more than their fill and filled a plastic bag, no more need be said on the matter. Finally we made it to Roatan, and collected our luggage; kind of airport stylie, except we had to give tickets to the officials who'd search for our luggage and then give it back to us. We then had to do the same at a little office to reclaim our pocket knives, as many of us (me included) had stored them in our hand luggage not realising this wasn't allowed.
Then one journey, in a private van, later we made it to our hotel in West End Roatan.
Having checked in we went for dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the sea, I had a whole fried snapper, which was beautiful!
Following we made our way to the supermarket bought some supplies and headed back to the hotel, needless to say a few beers, rums and card games later we found ourselves playing around in the pool ... ops!
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photo by: islandflavour