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I decided I'd give San Jose another chance... sure I'd seen a bit of it on Friday with Julie, but I was sure there was more to this city.

So as the sun beat down I set out ready to see what I could find, and dispell the stories of the city being a dump. I walked round the various parks, down the central pedestrian street, saw some beautiful churches and watched people busily bustling around conducting their daily business.

Sure there wasn't a lot in the city, but I thought it had its own unique charm.

Heading back to the hostel I joined a large group of Europeans and North Americans and enjoyed an afternoon of chatting. Well except for the EARTHQUAKE that is...

I was back at the hotel, surfing the internet and chatting with a friend from home when suddenly the ground started violently shacking and shuddering.
Me and the lad next to me stared at each other open mouthed and looked around; everyone had stopped not quite sure what was going on and what to do. The water in the pool had turned in to a mini Tsunami. I was preparing to jump under the computer desk and take cover - I'm sure this is what you're meant to do. When as suddenly as it had started the ground stopped moving. Gazing at each other wide eyed, we whispered "was that an earthquake?!" "wow" "Sh*t" "crazy" "insane" and more "WOW"!!!!

Later that day I found out the quake had been centred 40KM north of San Jose near the Poas Volcano, I wouldn't be going there tomorrow then! It had been 6.1 on the richter scale and had been the strongest in Costa Rica for over 100 years, also very sadly there had been some deaths due to landslides and falling debris!

What a week this was turning out to be...! This reinforced to me the importance of living life as thoroughly as possible and living for today!!!
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Pedestrianised Central Street
Pedestrianised Central Street
San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira