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Costa Rica here we come, my fourth and final country!

I woke up this morning, tried to move my legs and wow... the ache I felt in the front of my thighs was crazy! I could barely hobble, this was to make the rest of the day comical in my movements, walking or going up or down any steps. Luckily I wasn't alone with Martin & Julie suffering just as bad as me!

Meeting, as normal in the hotel reception, early this morning, we boarded the van and made our way to the ferry port leaving Ometepe behind. We boarded the ferry and for the first 45 minutes had a smooth crossing, however for the final part the boat started pitching and rolling which made for an interesting docking onto the mainland.
Jumping off the boat, we got in 3 taxis and made our way the 40KM to the Nicaraguan/ Costa Rica boarder; prepared for what we'd been warned would be our hardest and longest boarder crossing (we were expecting 2 hours). Throwing our bags on backs we trudged down the muddy road towards the gate which would allow us in to the official boarder area; here Martin gave us all tickets ($1 each) which would allow us entry into this area. We made our way to the office and Martin took care of the formalities and getting us stamped out of Nicaragua, passports back we trudged on to the office to officially enter Costa Rica ... which was empty... hang on a minute this was meant to take ages! We filled in the entry forms, queued for a couple minutes and were stamped in. Apparently this was the quickest crossing ever, and Martin and our new bus driver were truelly shocked at the ease of it all.
Getting back on the road we made our way on for an hour to Liberia, looking forward to the amazing cheeses we'd be told we'd find in the Supermarket there. Arriving at the "plaza" the Supermarket was in, we all felt a bit shell shocked at suddenly being in "civilisation" again.
Having had our fill of fresh bread and cheese we continued on to Monteverede, the final two hours of the journey being on dirt tracks, where we were all bounced around like crazy. We reached the hotel, and I quickly realised i didn't really feel right; still i joined the group and went to the tour office in town to find out about the activities we could do tomorow. We got to the office and i started feeling worse, so though it best not to sign up for anything and wait and see how i felt in the morning. I left the group in the office and slowly made my way back to my room and went to bed, hoping to feel better in the morning for our tour of the cloud forest.

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photo by: smhirsch