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We met all met in the hotel reception jumped in some taxis and headed to Granada "bus station", as soon as we´d arrived there were men opening the boot of the car grabbing our bags and throwing them on top of the Chicken bus. Not really knowing if this was the correct bus or not, Martin was in the last taxi and hadn´t arrived yet, we jumped on board deciding we´d follow our bags whatever happened. Luckily this was the right bus and we all piled on just before it left. As Granada was the start point we all managed to get seats. After a reasonable journey we arrived in Rivas. Again as soon as we stepped off the bus and were reunited with out bags, there were men all around us trying to persuade us we wanted to take their taxis and pay them rediculous sums of money.

Luckily we follow our faithful leader (hmmmm) Martin and walked across to our next Chicken bus that would take us to San Juan, this time it was already packed, we went round to the front of the bus all all just about squeezed on. For about 15 minutes we were stood not being able to move, for all the other people squashed around us, but gradually people got off and we had more space, untill eventually we all had a seat. During the journey I got chatting to a Swiss girl and a Canadian who were also both going to San Juan.

Getting off the bus in the middle of town we made the one block walk up to our hotel and checked in. Having dropped our bags we all went to lunch, while Martin ran around organising our Sunset boat trip and for Anna & Eliza to head back to Granada (they´d left their passports in the safety deposit box in the hotel.

.. doh!). I then had just under two hours to explore the town, before meeting again for the boat trip, so I did a bit of shopping for supplies for Christmas.

Hariette, Agnethe, Dave, Naomi, Martin and I all met and walked down to the docks. We were joined by three from another GAP goup who were in town, and going to be with us for Chrismas. We boarded our small boat and were soon zipping out to sea, with a beer/ rum in hand. We skirted along the pretty coastline, with fishing rods hanging off the back of the boat (we were actually quite successful in landing some reasonable fish). At one point we watched as a couple of Dolphins jumped and swam close to the boat. We then paused briefly and I took a quick dip in the sea. Up untill this point the cloud cover had been complete and we feared we´d miss the sunset, but true to Christmas magic, the clouds broke and we watched a majestic sunset, drunk on zest for life (and some alcohol!) Returning to shore, we walked back to the hotel, merry and singing Christmas Carols in fiull voice.

We all had a quick shower and met ready for dinner. As we finished, Martin went to the toilet, so we decided to hide and see his reaction, so we ran down the steps and hid behind the balcony. Obviously we weren´t very good at it, because he spotted us immediately! Poo! Still we were happy ... it was Christmas Eve and we were in the Party spirit! We headed off to the Iguana bar, with what seemed like the rest of the town and partied and drank the night away, once Iguana closed we headed to the after party (I have no idea of the name of this place) and danced some more. After a short time I decided I´d had enough and left for bed, walking with Anna & Eliza, I collapsed into bed about 04.00. It was CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!! YAY!

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