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Getting out of bead lazily mid way through the morning, I packed my bags and got ready to leave. My coach to San Jose wasn't untill midday so I had plenty of time.

I checked out the hotel and then walked up to the bus stop. Having waited for a few minutes, a car came passed and stopped asking if I wanted a ride to Quepos; assuming this was a collecto taxi I thought why not and got in. A little way further down the road, we let a women out who;'d been sat in the back with me and continued on our way. I was just thinking to myself, we going far quickly and this road is quite twisty; why haven't I put my seat belt on??? That's the first thing I do when getting into a car at home. Literally as these thoughts popped into my head we came round a corner and .... oh shit!!! There was a woman on a scooter and we were heading straight for her... the driver slammed the brakes on and I smelt the familiar smell of burning rubber as we skidded down the road ... mirco seconds passed ... CRUNCH!!!

The car smashed into the back of the scooter sending it flying down the road, and sending the women rider up into the air and skittering down the road. It was horrible, the womens helmet had come flying off, her personal posessions were strewn down the middle of the road and she was lying not moving. I ran out the car and ran over hoping that she was okay; the crash had happened right outside a Spanish School which appeared to be on a break, so lots of people came running over from there too. Soon the women was surrounded, she was trying to move but people told her not to as we didn't know her injuries, thank god she was moving - at least she was alive. With my lack of Spanish I had no idea what was going on, or what anyone was saying (though I did her someone mention something that sounded like ambulance) and felt completely helpless but knowing that I had to get to Quepos to get my coach. After a few minutes, feeling shaken and really guilty I picked my bags up and set off for the 3KM walk down to Quepos.
As the women was lying in the middle of the road, the traffic couldn't pass and soon there was a long queue with the impatient drivers honking there horns. As i walked on a ambulance flashed past me, I felt relieve that help was on its way. By now I was soaked in sweat, it was a very hot day and I was having to walk fairly quickly to ensure I got to Quepos on time. As I continued on the ambulance re-passed me on its way back down into the town. Finally I reached the bus station and was able to set my bags down, I felt shaken and was drenched.

After the events of the morning, the journey back to San Jose was thankfully completely uneventful, again we stopped for a comfort break roughly half way through the journey.

Arriving in San Jose, I found a taxi and set off back across the city to Costa Rica Backpackers. Sure the taxi driver had over charged me, 4000 colones, but glad to finally be able to relax again I checked into the hostel and set about exploring the hostel which I'd read was a maze. Indeed it was fairly big, but it was great, a nice if slightly small pool, a great garden for sun bathing on sun loungers or hammocks, a tv room and a restaurant. I flopped into a hammock and rested, surfed the internet a bit and then headed to the restaurant; they were showing films on a big screen which was cool. Sitting down, I order chicken curry and got chatting to a lad from Canada, I decided I was going to like it here.
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira