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08.00 BEEP BEEP BEEP! Oh crap, why did I set my alarm for 08.00 again; oh yeah I was going to try and ring home and needed to wrap my secret Santa present. Martin had kindly left his laptop out for all of us, so we could use his Skype account and ring home, so I´d decided I´d wake up at 08.00 and ring home, at it would be 14.00 there and Christmas dinner should just about be over...
I managed to drag myself out of bed, the effects of last nights alcohol and lack of sleep taking its toll on me and I staggered down to reception and got the laptop, I logged on and opened up Skype ... and Password ... errrr... (Martin had assured us it would automatically log in to Skype). Someone had logged him out and now I couldn´t get in ...ARSE! After a couple of attempts restarting the laptop etc.
even tried to reset the password but that would only send it to Martin´s email which I coulcn´t get into either. Eventually I gave up, and grabbing a sheet of newspaper which we were using as wrapping paper, I retired to my room; made a rushed job of wrapping the present and went back to sleep untill Midday.
Midday came, and this time I was able to get out of bed without any problems, got showered and dressed and met everyone in reception. We were all sat there staring under the inflatable Santa at all the presents, trying to work out which present was for who and what they all were. I got my present, and opened it ... a Nicaragua t-shirt ... cool... thank you Secret Santa!
Present opening over we made our way into town to head of to spend an afternoon on the beach.
Now I was, foolishly, under the impression we´d have our Christmas dinner at lunch time, so hadn´t eaten yet that day, I was subsequently informed it wouldn´t be untill roughly 20.00! DOH!!!
We all jumped in the back of a truck, and imagined what a site we must have looked to the locals; we were in an open backed truck with bars. After a very bumpy ride down a dirt trackwe eventually made it to the beach, we set down our towels, applied our sun tan creams and prepared to go for a paddle/swim in the sea. Anna, Eliza and Anegthe went first, after a few minutes they came out again; Anna had been badly stung by a Jellyfish that they hadn´t seen to be able to avoid. AH! Maybe I won´t go seimming in the sea.
Thus followed a lazy afternoon basking in the sunlight on the beach on Christmas Day; i got active enough to go for a little walk over the rocks to take a few photos and see round to the next bay.
When i got back to the group, Martin had just arrived with the rum, pinapples and other ingrediants for our cocktails; there we sat supping out of hollowed out Pinapples full of rum, orange juice and coconut milk ... mmmmmmmmmmm! As we drank, Martin gave us a short Christmas story about appreciating the simple things in life (one of his sister´s is a priest) We stayed untill the sun had set behind the sea,, and given us another fantastic light display. We then made the 20 minute walk back up to the resort where we were to have dinner;  I jumped straight into  the pool to  cool off a bit and get the sand off me.  Drying off, we sat chatting and then were shown to our seats; to be served a 3 course meal; a fresh salad to start, turkey for main and ozing brownies to finish. Wow! I was stuffed but felt good! I then went at "hung out" in the outdoor hammocks, almost drifting off to sleep. 21.00 came and we settled our bill and got back in our transport back to the hotel, where I went straight off to bed, full and happy after a unique Christmas experience.
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