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This was it, it was 03.00 and I'd just got up to start my latest wondering...

Leaving the house at 03.45, I made my way to Heathrow (my Dad giving me a lift... yay for parents), an hour later I was there and ready to start my journey to Guatemala, via Madrid. Checking in, I waved farewell to my luggage, praying that the next time I would see it would be safe and well in Guatemala City Airport.

Having not flown out of any of the older Terminals in Heathrow for a long time I was quite suprised at how "tired" looking Terminal 2 is, the Boarding gate was somewhat grim and reminded me of the old tempory class rooms we used to have a school.

After a while I borded the plane and prepared for the flight to Madrid, we took off half hour late; however the flight was uneventful so I couldn't complain (except that Iberia charge for Breakfast ... so I didn't have any)!

Arriving in Madrid, the passengers who were transferring flights we asked to stay on the plane while the other passengers disembarked, finally we boarded a bus and were shipped half way across the airport to the correct Terminal (4S), where I was able to have a Breakfast and boarded my plane to Guatemala City about 11.30.

The plane took off 1 hour late due to technical difficulties ... very reassuring I must say. The flight again was uneventful, although it felt horribly long and very boring. I was suprised at the lack of In-Flight entertainment I guess, I've only flown with BA recently so I've been spoilt by the personal TV screens and huge selection of films. Having to watch a film on a TV that was halfway down the other end of the cabin, felt like I was back in the early '90's... still it's only a minor gripe... I got to Guatemala safely which is all that matters.

Immigration and customs were no problems and I was through to baggage collection in no time, this provided me with the most amusement of the day, as I watched a sniffer dog on the other carousel walking along the belt sniffing all the bags ... I was intrigued to know where the flight had come from but never got to find out!

Outside the airport it appeared to be a scrum with taxi drivers, after looking around a bit, I choose my taxi agreed a price $30 and set off to Antigua. After an hour I finally arrived at my home for the next two nights ... Jungle Party Hostel. I checked in, watched the end of No Country for Old Men on the large TV and headed to bed around 21.30, feeling absolutely shattered.
Vikram says:
One does get very pampered on BA, Middle Eastern and Far East airlines. I travel by Lufthansa and it feels like public bus after flying on BA. BA seats and head rests also seem so much sturdier than other airlines. Iberia anyway was always sh1t, even they'd be surprised if anyone said otherwise!
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
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