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After 5days here its time to leave.. I havent done so much of the things that i  was planning to do, but rather going out to the town and having alot of fun.. Yesterday we ordered 2 kegs(!) of beer at a disco and had alot of fun. Been at the disco 2nights in a row,but now i went to bed early (2AM), but thats really beacause i where really drunk.. After around 10hours i drinking i decided that ive had enough.. (i where awake for 11hours).

Planning to go to Pagsanjan (pronounced Pag-san-han.. really fast).. Yes! Im living on Roxas blvd ,but if you say Roxas nobody will understand you.. You have to say Ro-has.. so you really need to now how its pronounced to get around.

But.. pagsanjan.. people say its the best place within a 100km from manila and then its worth checking out.. Its rafting on the river and its really expensive compared to philippine standards with almost P700 for the ride.. But since thats only 13dollars its not so bad.

And since someone stole my camera the first day i had to buy a new one , but i couldnt find the one i wanted (fuji F30) so i was looking for Canon Ixus 850.. But even the canon store where sold out for that one so i just bought an Canon EOS D400! Its above my pricerange and size-range, but i have been wanting that camera for like 2years (first the 350D) and now i wanted to try it.. The only problem where that i found the F30 just a couple of stores away from the Canon Shop.. Well.. Once i got the 400D i was negative ,but then someone told me to take it outside and just have fun at the Philippines lightexpo.. And now i just love it! My travel pictures is going to get SOO much better.. the only disadvantage is that i have to have an own bag for it and i can not take it out on the town. So better buy a Sony Ericsson K800i or something to have the partypictures..

So.. philippines is just amazing.. Keep waking up with very little memory and phonenumbers with the mark "Monica" "kate" and so on.. At the light expo a girl ask me for my phonenumber only after we had been talking for 10mins.. This is just so crazy.. And pictures! When i go around with my camera (i have been doing that alot the last day) most the people want there photos taken.

Its sooo hard to leave manila.. Its always a party going on!

TravellinChic says:
hhahaah...next time..mix party and sightseeing by going to Boracay! :)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2009
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