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Mindoro Philippines. Children selling Fruits on the way from Calapan to Roxas

Sadly i cant use more than a couple of days in each place (maximum) so i have to keep moving. The day today started with with a tricycle from White beach (puerto Galera) to Aniuan beach.. The aniuan beach is not so nice , but you almost have the entire beach for yourself. Its also some resorts that seems nice (they are being renovated now ,but the one place i was to was better than all the places at white beach).

After being there for a couple of hours i went by tricycle to Puerto Galera and then on the jeepney to Calapan. The important thing when you take the jeepney from Puerto Galera to Calapan is that you sit on the LEFT side.

Mindoro Philippines. Children selling Fruits on the way from Calapan to Roxas
 The scenery outside is very nice and you are getting a better view is you sit on the left side.  The fare is P65 and it takes around 1.5hour. The road is REALLY bad so be prepared to want to get out of the jeepney when its comming near to calapan.

My best tip is to bring your own small maglite or something.. I tried to use a internetcafe in Puerto Galera since they only chare P20 an hour and is 150meter from the jeepney stop to Calapan, but it was no electricity.. The same thing happened in my room so i couldnt watch TV or even use the aircon (decided to buy a littlebit more expensive room tonight).. Im glad i did ,since when i was walking down the beach a girl came up to me and wanted to talk.. After being here for a couple of days im VERY sceptial of the girls in the bars who seems to try very hard to get me to like them (did i tell you about that experience in Sabang? guess not.

Roxas ,Philippines. My money ran out and i had to live on rice alone for a short period of time
. Well she invited me back to her room to drink some beers.. In norway this is called Nachspiel (a german word) and is common if 2 people want to speak more before exchanging phonenumbers or just to have fun).. After 5mins there she was lying on the bed in only her thong! Its always hard to leave a almost naked girl ,but there is certain things its best to stay away from. (and thats comming from a seaman? haha!).. No but back to the thing on white beach..

She just wanted a place to sleep so i offered my room. She seemed very happy and wanted to sleep next to me.. hmm.. i was very sceptical ,but wanted to help her out so i put all my luggage in the hotels safe.. But when i woke up she was still sleeping like a baby.. Not sure about why she didnt have a place to sleep,but when there where one big bed and one small bed i my room i didnt matter.. And its always good to be lying next to someone.

White beach is nice ,but i will write reviews about most things , this is only for things i cant write i the reviews.

So.. after that i took the Van (leaving every 45mins P200, 3hours) to Roxas.. The people here drive like crazy and in Pinamalayan people have gone crazy with the tricycles! But on the bright side they are making improvements to almost all the bridges on the way from Calapan to Roxas.. Good to see the taxmoney being used for something. It was just raised from 10 to 12 percent by the way.  (or so my sources tell me)

So now.. Boracay here i come :D (for the people who dont know Boracay philippines tourist atraction nr1 with one of the best beaches in the world)

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Mindoro Philippines. Children sell…
Mindoro Philippines. Children sel…
Mindoro Philippines. Children sell…
Mindoro Philippines. Children sel…
Roxas ,Philippines. My money ran o…
Roxas ,Philippines. My money ran …
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