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Perhaps im stupid , but im a person who easily thrust other people. Its just to easy to screw me over.. Everwhere im going in SE Asia many people are constantly trying to just screw me over. Why do i think about this?

Yesterday i where coming out of the Central LTR station. LTR is the metro is manila , and its by far the cheapest way to travel trough the city because of the congestion on most roads. People here also drive like crazy and if you want to go over the road its just to walk even when cars are approaching at high speeds. The main cause of death by seamen is actually not on the ship ,but being hit by a car when they are ashore , so im a little bit frightened...

But over to the case! I went of at Central Station and started to look im my Lonely planet book. A old girl came up to me and asked if i needed som help. When she had showed me the direction she asked me if a wanted some company.. Hmm.. i though this where a girl with nothing to do so i accepted. So after walking around the intramuros and the park next to rizal park , baywalk and alot of other things (she really showed me around the metro manila) and as i thanks i took her out to an pretty expensive dinner. (P1000 for the both of us). But when the night came we went into this bar which she recommended. We had to leave our things outside since it was prohibited to bring stuff like cameras inside. So after a couple of beers (red horse by the way. Really good beer with quite a punch) i went to the restroom and when i came back she was gone.. The guard outside came into the toilet and said that she left saying that she where going to my car and we where leaving... When ive run out from the restroom she have vanished.. With my Travel guide and Camera.... I didnt have time to buy travel insurance, and now i have to learn it the hard way..

But.. I met 2 filipinos outside and they wanted to show me around.. I had to buy everything ,but its better to have filipinos with you even though you pay for them also. They also took me to the places where to tourists doesnt know about and then the prices go down.. So after around 3hours at the place ive spent P1500 for drinks for the girls and a lot of beers for us.. I became an VIP and if i call they will pick my up at the hostel.. And P1500 is only around 200kr.. which normally means 4beers in a local bar in Norway.. So even though i payed for the entire company it is still cheap compared to what im used to..

And.. (ive not been lazy!) ive become an Dental Tourist.. Since its along time since my last dental checkup i decieded to do it here in Phil. I found this site on the internet and just went.. It was very expensive compared to what others have payed ,but my teeth where in bad condition.. Im not sure about the work so i will get it looked at in Norway by a Norwegian dentist.. Somehow my thrust in them are higher :)

So manila.. Such a nice city with amazing sunsets, but the trafic and pollution is just out of this world.. I have Asthma ,but i dont need or use any medication , but after living here for some time im guessing that you have to use alot of medication..

So.. in short.. Someone stole my camera , ive become an dental tourist and we went to a strip club.


This aside we went to a strip club after this and just enjoyed the show.. You really do feel like a king when you have one girl sitting on your left side and one on the right side..

holdmyhandsforever says:
Oh no! Sorry to know about you being screwed. Well, next time, meet the TBs here to get some tips and for a 'red horse' night. We usually do that when a TB is coming over here. Lessons ;learned buddy. That experience added spice to your trip though. :)
Posted on: Sep 07, 2015
TravellinChic says:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience..hopefully, next time, you hang out TB people and not random people..I believe that will be safer :) Hanging out with random people opens you to higher probability of being "screwed" :)

It was impressive you rode the LRT..I avoid it..too crowded..but sometimes, it is indeed a good way of avoiding bad traffic :) MRT is better tho :)

For someone coming from Norway, I hope you come back to Phils and ask the local TBs for good advice/recommendations. Tho it seemed you had a good could have been way much better and with less or no "screwed up" experience :)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2009
the_world_is_mine18 says:
holy crap, the b*tch stole your camera?
is it an expensive camera? darn, that sucks. wherever you are, manila or elsewhere, remember, AN EXPENSIVE CAMERA MUST BE STRAPPED TO YOUR NECK ALL THE TIME, EVEN WHEN YOU TAKE A DUMP.

Sorry 'bout that. Filipinos are generally very nice. Too bad you came across one of the "gipit" ones.

"Gipit" means someone who's desperately in need of money for whatever reason (drug addict, jobless parent with sick child, or whatever else their reason is...)
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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