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Makati. When you walk out of the MRT

After meeting som danish people yesterday we decided to go to makati to experience the nightlife everyone is talking about. We told the taxi to take us a bar i makati and once we entered 7girls just came up to us and started to talk to us.. hmm.. not quite what we expected , but if its a part of the culture here its worth looking into.. at least that is what we told ourselves. The prices where very expensive compared to the rest of manila with P150 for a beer and P350 for a drink for the ladies.. These places are just made to take your monny so we decided it was best to leave before we got to involved.. The next place.. SAME KIND OF PLACE!..we just turned around in the entrance.. But after the busy central street there are some decentpriced places with good food and entertainment. With P140 for a small T-bone steak and P25 for a San miguel Beer its not that bad..

Ive got my harcut yesterday in the Mall of asia.. for 2dollars! I decided to try something more and ordered a scalp treatment and hot oil masage and something else he did with my hair.. P350! (which is 7USD).. so.. now i feel like a king..

But over to the things i came here to do.. Ive not done anything really! The plan where to do alot of things but its now im going to bed around 07.00 and waking up around 15.00.. This is not the first time this has happened.. THis happens everywhere with me since i like to go out at night and not comming back before sunset.. Well.. Tomorrow i have to do something.. Ive been here 3days and not done anything exept walking around for short periods of time.

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Makati. When you walk out of the M…
Makati. When you walk out of the …
photo by: Deats