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After finally departing the UK (even though it was great) is a releif.. Things in London is going so fast that its hard to relax.. Take Oslo Train station for example. Its pretty big by Norwegian standards and got about 25tracks (including the Train to the Airport).. Dont know how many there is at Victory Station, but im sure there is at least 5 times as many people.. And the tube in rush hour (just when i where on my way to Gatwick) where even worse.. Being around 30minutes late (because of delays) and just missed the Gatwick Express i missed the checking for about 15mins.

But this it not about Gatwick or the UK, but here in Doha. There where only 17people on the flight from Heathrow to Doha(!) and we got great service, not so weird if you counter the cabin crew of 8ish. The pilot did a great job during take of and landing (the landing was great, compared to the last 10times ive flone somewhere).. So Qatar Airways is higly recommended.

The Airport building is new and shiny. Free internet , but there is not place to sit so you have to stand while you use the computer.. So it depends im pretty tired after standing here a while. No hassle during security (thanks god this is not the US. The best thing there is to hide my seamens book and just use my tourist visa (even though im allowed to get a job in the US through other visas) so i dont have to answer loads of questions about this and that. But this is for Doha Christian! Not all the other places you have been to!

Anyway.. Luckily i have my seaman's book with me. I could not have been here without it. The layover here in Doha is a little bit longer than the normal time , but because of this book there is not a single problem. To arrive phil you also need to have an ticket out of the country to get in. With my seamansbook this worked out.. Its a great thing to have as long as you know which person to show it to.. If the customs see you seamansbook when you show them your passport they will certainly search your baggage.. (they think all seamen bring in more Alcohol and tobacco than the legal limit)

So.. Im Around 200GBP/400USD poorer just because of i missed my flight and transfer to Heathrow and alot of other things.. But as long as im on my way nothing can ruin my mood.. Why do you need money if you cant spend it? Why have plenty money ,but no fun? So here i come NAIA!

Layover in Doha Around 9hours.

dodge says:
Thank you :(
Oh shit!!!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
CFD says:
The people at Qatar Airways told me that you really needed a visa if your stopover was more than a certain amount of time, so I dont think you can leave the airport. There are however sleeping lounges and smoking rooms. The smoking rooms REALLY need some ventilation as they are a health hazard. There are free internet, but you have to stand. I was very happy when my 9hour stopover was finished ;)
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
dodge says:
9 hrs?? What else can you do there? As I checked the airport most of the service are for biz and first class, nothing facilitate for a poor like me. I have to stop over for 11 hrs on the 2nd next month and still have no idea what to do with my time/myself or anyone!! Do they have hotel in the airport that I need no visa to get in?? Sorry to ask about this stupid question but I have been trying to figure this out even send email to the admin of the airport but no sound from any god for me :( I only know that I'll have my rubik with me but can't play it for 11 hrs though!!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
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