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South Africa. Johannesburg. How cool is this? Being escorted through the customs and everything. Truly like an VIP :)

Sadly now its time to go back to work.. My fligh is leaving in 6hours and my bags are packed and im ready to go (someone thinking about a song? Im sure I am).

To write a summary about philippines the word would be incredible. The place doesnt feel like a typical tourist destination (some exeptions apply) and the people will welcome you with open arms. Inviting you to disco and always offer you something to eat , even if they have so little and you have so much in comparison. They are dirt poor (compared to Europe and US), but ive never seen a more happy and proud people.

Often when i walk down the street people ask me where im from and invite me to sit down and have a beer and something to eat.. And after 10mins there is often over 10 people sitting in the street drinking beer and having a good time! Its so easy to make friends here!

Ive been around the world and back again (well.. not really , not been over the pacific ocean yet) and i would rate philippines as one of the best travel experiences ive ever had. Dont know why more people dont go here.. Why Thailand and not Philippines? Most people ive met who have been in Thailand and philippines would rather go to phil instead of Thailand. Its more expensive here, but its well worth the trip..

Its the people who are making this country so great , and all the beaches.. 

Ahhh! I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES! (pictures will come when i get back home again to upload some of the 800pictures ive taken. Some of them are really good)

nowell says:
this i say to you christian: "MABUHAY KA" (VIVA in spanish) ! thank you for visiting our poor country but where the happiest people in this planet live! am glad you got infected with our laughter! hope i could help you on your next visit here. btw, i've visited trondheim, norway in 05, and i must say that the ridiculously cold weather there is totally opposite the warm disposition of norwegians! cheers
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
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South Africa. Johannesburg. How co…
South Africa. Johannesburg. How c…
photo by: Deats