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On our way to Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen, verrrry early 3.30 am. Found out that I left the original E-ticket in the photocopier at home, but had the copy:):)
The departure date of our tickets were changed in the last minute, as my daughter got the exact date of her examination in physics which was on the day, when we were supposed to return from Zanzibar, January 5. So I had to call my flight agent and make him change the departure date from Zanzibar and it was not so simple, but luckily he found a flight leaving Denmark December 21 and returning January 4. The only minus was the fact that we had to wait 7 hours in Dar Es Salaam, until we had a flight to Zanzibar and this flight only took 20 minutes. On our way back to Denmark we did not have to wait these 7 hours. We left Espergaerde very early in the morning. At 3.15 am the train from Espergaerde was leaving straight to the airport, where we had a flight KLM at 6 o'clock to Amsterdam. In the train I found out that I forgot the original E-ticket in the photocopier.
My daughter smiles, my mum is an astronaut LOL, once she found her keys in the freezer.
I guess I was a little bit tired as we did not go to sleep/rest before leaving.I always make copies of documents, passports, when I go traveling  to faraway places, but this time I did the copy 10 minutes before leaving for the airport, and this resulted in me forgetting the original e-ticket:):) We arrived to Kastrup airport in Copenhagen and had a quite quick check in. Our luggage had a weight of 42 kilos and I was immediately reminded of our last visit in Brazil with Swiss Air when we I had to pay 20 kilos owerweight when leaving the airport of Sao Paulo. Anyway I remember telling my daughter not to take too much clothes:" You know darling, we don't need so much clothes, as it is another kind of holiday, staying on the tranquil spot of the island" and the fact was that I took too much clothes:):) My suitcase was weighing 22 kilos:):) We arrived in Schiphol Airport at 7.30 and had the flight KLM to Dar Es Salaam at 10.20. We did the shopping and were queueing the passport counter for more tha 1 hour. Being pretty tired and soaked I was kind of, you may say flowing/slipping in front of an American gentleman, of course with no bad intentions, what so ever to jump the queue. The gentleman, however, thought that I really did that by purpose in order to provoke him. Hence he took a look at me, as if he wanted to knock me down, and suddenly he opened his mouth and gave me a telling off with quite a few poetic sentences:):) Too tired to give him any kind of explanation, I just gave him a big smile:):):)  
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On our way to Kastrup Airport in C…
On our way to Kastrup Airport in …
My daughter smiles, my mum is an a…
My daughter smiles, my mum is an …
photo by: Orkide48