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The platform from which you, some would say foolishly, leap in to a canyon

There was thankfully a bit more time to play with this morning, since we didn't have to leap in to a canyon until about noon.  We packed up our gear and a brief debate over what to do with our packs followed, however I knew there was a snowflake's chance in hell that I was going to come back up that  hill for any reason so we stowed them down in town.

Brekky at the Vudu cafe was quite good, again fantastic coffee, maybe everywhere in Queenstown has great coffee; I certainly didn't manage to find a bad one.  We were wary that whatever was in our stomachs was going to be hurtled over a canyon wall with us in the next two hours, so didn't overload on grease too much.

Around came noon, and it was time yet again to pile in to a van and venture our way to the Shotover river.

My bro about to jump
  The bus ride is slightly longer than that for the jet boat, passing it's launching area we saw that the river was now flooded so counted ourselves lucky that we'd gone yesterday, though in hindsight we might of been better off hanging on that luck for....I don't know.....leaping in to a canyon! The heart does start to get going as you climb the hill to the swing, and can see some views way down towards the river

Basically the canyon swing is set up about 100 metres above a river, the first 60 metres of which is a freefall after which you break in to an arc that swings you out deeper in to the canyon.  Their marketing people are quite clever really since they advertise all these different jumping styles, at the end of the day I think the real buzz is going to come from hurtling towards the ground regardless of how you're doing it.

Jump style, 'the Elvis Cutaway', basically hanging horizontal, then dropped backwards

One of the English guys in the group bailed out early, not even making it in to a harness on the platform.  There was possibly some logic to his decision given that the scales they used to determine your weight range probably would have had difficulty telling the weight difference between a fridge and a chilly bin. The rest of us persisted though, piling out on to the platform, my brother putting his hand up for the first jump.  He elected for the running, feet first leap out and seemed to survive despite my insistence at being involved in the way his harness was attached.

I put my hand up for the next attempt, I'm not sure if us McPhersons are just fools but we weren't having too much trouble playing with gravity.  As I've seen on many an adventure activity before, the guides continually banter with you, telling some of the worst jokes that have ever existed, with the intention of distracting you from what you are doing.

Away he goes, camera strapped to his hand
  For all I know maybe it works, since I've never had any problem leaping off those edges, though just once I'd like to try without the guide banter.  I must admit that their last cry of "No wait, not yet" as I was off the platform did get me smiling :)  I went for a running, head first jump and though it was great it was just over too quick. 

My brother decided he hadn't had enough so went back for another jumping style (only $40 for an extra jump, $139 initially) and got some good footage by strapping his camera to his wrist this time. I paid money yet again for the exorbitantly priced photos, I've always managed to justify it to myself since they are quite good shots, but there's no denying that it is robbery.

So after we were all adrenalined out, there wasn't enough time to do much else (the Gondola would have been touch and go) so all that was left was to jump on a bus to Te Anau.

For the record, on a bright sunny day the lake alongiside this road (Lake Te Anau?) is spectacular!

Had dinner down at the Moose, and chatted away to Toby, Rupert and Sarah from Wales/England who had just come off the Kepler track so gave us insight in to what was to come for us..



48-50 Lakefront Rod, Te Anau, New Zealand
PH + 64 3 249 7713 or 0800 200 074 Tollfree in New Zealand.


Not a fantastic backpackers, but did the trick.  Not too many toilets that I could see (didn't look too hard admittedly) and shower water pressure was fairly low.  Room just had a bunk and that was it.  Staff were friendly though, and there were a lot more buildings (TV room etc) that I didn' t explore



X_Drive says:
I go along with Vikram. Not for me. I have never been an adrenaline junky. Actually I claim to have too many brain cells for that kind of thing. :)
Posted on: May 11, 2006
Vikram says:
I could NEVER do this. This or bungee jumping for that matter. One of the English girls who were part of my Stray Travel bus won a raffle @ one of the local pubs prev night for a go @ the Canyon swinging and she said it was fun. But no, I could just never do it!
Posted on: Feb 01, 2006
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The platform from which you, some …
The platform from which you, some…
My bro about to jump
My bro about to jump
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Jump style, 'the Elvis Cutaway', …
Away he goes, camera strapped to h…
Away he goes, camera strapped to …
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My brother, the lady of the lake :)
Te Anau
photo by: Besandri