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Day 2-Venice!

   The real random romance came the next day though. Looking out at a canal, I looked up as a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, attractive man walked up to me.


“Hello, do you know who you look like?” he asked.

“No, who?”

“You look like someone I would like to meet…”


Such an original line and I couldn’t say no; normally I might have been put off, but I was traveling alone in Italy, the city of romance; besides, he had a cute accent.

With a laugh I introduced myself, which is when he proceeded to scare me a bit by pretending to be the guy who scrapes gum out of movie theaters, only to tell me a moment after that he was there on business with a telecommunications company. Whew! His guided map, my camera, and our combined sense of humor made for the perfect day, complete with making circles and ending up next to the same church, the Chiese Angelo 4 times-we took that as a sign an got a glass of wine together at a quaint café, where we swapped stories about our lives and our most embarrassing moments. We went to see the Jewish ghetto, then the colorful markets-one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Next thing I knew, we were walking along the canals hand in hand. I’d gotten my romance, a man on my arm and a glass of wine and I was content, but it was me-time again.


         The clouds we looming in but I foraged towards a part of the island I hadn’t made it to yet-the more residential area in the east.

Surprise…I got lost! Then the thunderstorm started. With no umbrella or backpack, and only a thin hood, I hunched over my cannon SLR, trying to do anything to not get it wet-that’s when I made friends with a younger guy from Chicago who was teaching English in Italy who offered to keep my camera dry in his bag and for some reason I trusted him. After about an hour, and soaked to the bone, we made our way back to the train station. No one seemed too upset at the rain, (mostly) smiles and laughing; holding hands while scrambling to find shelter I got some great shots of tourists and Venetians alike enjoying the island.


Back early to my hostel I ran into 4 Germans who were just checking in. Reluctant to end the night early, I made friends and was invited to a pizza dinner with these friendly travelers, where we waited nearly an hour, but got to know each other. They told me about life in Germany, and I about the states. Two of the guys didn’t speak much English, but were adorable when they tried. I felt warm inside at how much they enjoyed each others company, making a toast about every other sip of their wine they took, as opposed to our toast at the beginning of the rounds. Content, I made my way back to my hostel and crashed, ready to head to Rome the next day, where I was to be overwhelmed by a city’s grandness and history like I never have before.

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Jewish ghetto...this is how people…
Jewish ghetto...this is how peopl…
The water was a crazy color
The water was a crazy color
photo by: asturjimmy