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Our booze cruise through the canals of Amsterdam(The Australian is the one front right taking a picture)

Taking a very quick peek at my (lack of) funds, I had originally decided against the contiki tour to Amsterdam for the weekend. Then I kicked myself and came to my senses. I'm in Europe-it would be a crime to pass up Amsterdam! Sooo I bit the bullet and reserved the last slot on the tour. As we had gone out drinking the night before, the 7 AM arrival at the hotel in London to meet the bus was a bit of a headache (literally), but guess who was on that bus? None other than the Australian I'd met at the Walkabout on Waitangi day. Oh no, this could be bad. He'd been drinking. At like 7 in the morning. As the general bus population tried to ignore his jokes (ok some were funny) we all tried to get in an hour or so more of shut-eye before we all engaged in speed-dating.

Ferry into France on the way to Amsterdam
Yup, you heard me right, although I thought I'd heard wrong when I first heard our guide introduce the game. Basically we were all to hop from seat to seat to get to know each other. About 70% of the tour was from my group, but it was fun anyway.

Then came the ferry ride to France. The Australian bought me a beer, then planted a wet one right on my lips! Right as all my friends walked by. I'm still getting sh** for this moment, as half my friends were on a seperate bus and thought I was kissing a random stranger. Oh well. As we drove up to Amsterdam I started getting more and more excited. Imagine my excitement when I found out we were going on a booze cruise! Woot! (Almost) free beer and wine while we cruised through the canals sounded like a fantastic idea, and it was! Then it was off to find the weed. Now, I will admit to being one of those girls who have never smoked in her life, but I can't say the same about my friends, who were more than excited to find a good bar. We somehow gravitated to the grasshopper, a huge multistory bar lit up in green. It was all good and fun until Ashley, being the bright one in the group, decided to slip out her own shot glass and shot sized bottle of absynth. Guess where we were 1 minute later? Outside the bar in the freezing cold. Oh well, it's not like there's only one bar in Amsterdam, right?

Half drunk we made it back to our hotel where I was too awake to crash yet. As everyone hung out in the rooms, I made my way to the upstairs hangout area and met some Europeans. Can't quite remember where they were from at the moment, but I do remember them sharing with me some local vodka from their home country. Still to this day I have never tasted a stronger drink. Oh my!

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Our booze cruise through the canal…
Our booze cruise through the cana…
Ferry into France on the way to Am…
Ferry into France on the way to A…
photo by: pearcetoyou