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Behind the riot police line... finally made it..
... or rather going back home in this case was again: the maoists! My parents had been maoists when they were young and foolish but WHY DO I NEED TO PAY FOR THAT???
Anyway the story goes as follows: arriving at the Kathmandu airport it turns that the entrance is being blocked by a mob shouting whatever maoists shout. There's a line of riot police actually keeping them from entering the airport. Nobody can get in, nobody can get out.
What the heck am I gonna do now? Some stupid tourists like me go and look for spots to sneak in but although the Nepalese are small and slim there's a lot of them and when I through my backpack inside and try to climb a fence they just throw it backpack, and push me back as well. One Italian woman who's also trying to run the blockade gets into a heated argument with some of the demonstrators:
 - You have to let me through! Who's going to pay a new ticket if I my miss my flight?!?
 - Don't worry, the government will pay for you! (causing a few laughs in the crowd)
 - I'm a UN diplomat! Let me through! Get an education first before you think you can come out here and make this mess!
So far for the cultural sensitivity I would expect a UN staff member to have.
Backdrop of Kathmandu airport
It's getting serious as I might be loosing my flight and I don't have any trust in the Nepali government reimbursing it.

From the back of the police line a smiling young police kid brings over a hose. The mob starts shouting louder and the tension mounts. The police open up with the hose and as if in a choreographed motion the first lines in front of the entrance pelt the police with rocks. The police charge and the mob makes a run for it. In a split second it's mayhem all around.
This is my chance! With rocks still flying I make a dash for the entrance. Sneaking along the side of the gate I make it inside!

Leaving Nepal was a lot more difficult than arriving, and not only because of the maoists. Nepal is a beautiful and diverse country, and it's culture agrees a lot more with me than the piece of India I had seen. The Himalayas and the century old temples make this a truly amazing place. 
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Behind the riot police line... fin…
Behind the riot police line... fi…
Backdrop of Kathmandu airport
Backdrop of Kathmandu airport
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