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We started off our morning with the usual cereal and muffins, but today the muffins came with extra crispy ants! For some reason the reception desk failed to mention that the certain areas may have problems with ants, but we knew pretty quickly once we noticed all our open food had them crawling everywhere, plus they were swarming (do ants swarm?) all over the outside of the van. This led to Wendy having something similar to a nervous breakdown, she went really quiet (if you know Wendy you know how unusual that is), had a face like thunder and gained a facial twitch. We cleared all the cupboards, threw away everything that was open and sprayed copious amounts of surface cleaner all over. I also took out the water spray bottle and cleaned as many of the little blighters off of the outside of the van as I could find.


Let’s just say that the journey today wasn’t the usual happy sing-along.


What made matters worse was the ants constantly appearing right after any surface had been cleaned, that just added to Wendy’s already fragile state.


Our original destination today was supposed to be Dunmarra, but on approach the place didn’t look like somewhere we’d like to stay, so we kept going. Our next destination was recommended by a couple we’d met at Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, Yulara and Alice Springs (they must have thought we were stalking them), but when we finally got within 7km’s of the place the only road had been flooded. We knew it wasn’t going to clear anytime soon, since the locals were using a boat to get supplies across. This was almost the last straw, Wendy had been so looking forward to having a nice relaxing time in the thermal spa.


Right then, destination #3 it is. We arrived in Katherine just after 6.30 to find the campsite office closed, luckily they had a system for late arrivals that just entailed filling in your details on an envelope and putting in your cash.


Once I’d put the power in we set about trying to clean out the ants once and for all, Wendy taking the inside, me taking the exterior. Whilst outside trying to clean the ants off the BBQ someone walked past and said “How’s it going”, my response of “Morning” apparently indicated I was stressed. He stood a while and watched me brushing the ants off everything, before asking “Have you been infested?”. Before I knew it he’d gone off and come back with a tin of something to kill ‘em and boy did it work (touch wood). The surface cleaner and water spray was good at drowning the little bleeders, but this stuff sticks to the surface and kills any ant that happens to walk across it, so that should keep them away.

mumabbott says:
gday ....well its definately getting like home then if you open boxes with ants in ....bet you wont be driving much when your back ...ur cars ok by the way ..
we are all ok ....love u xx
Posted on: Mar 04, 2009
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photo by: Morle