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Wendy with the Shark Shield near the bow.

Since we were staying at the campsite for more than one day, coupled with the fact that we didn't have to be at the marina until 1.30pm, we thought we'd have a lie-in this morning.....getting up at the shocking time of 10am. By then the only other occupant of our side of the camp ground was just getting ready to leave, so we were pretty much alone. Except for the hundreds of tropical birds flying around making tremendous amounts of noise.....no respect those things.

The diving today would be on our very own chartered boat, not that we are getting flash or anything, but they didn't have a trip going out today and the trip tomorrow would only do one dive on the Hobart. It also seems that this is the only company licensed to dive the Hobart, so you're pretty limited in your options.

Wendy just before she bolted for the mooring line taking our shark safety with her

We managed to meet up with the owner of the boat down by the jetty at Second Valley just after midday. This was totally by accident and I only recognised him because he was wearing an "Ex-HMAS Hobart" shirt and was showing some other divers around. He asked if we were willing to let another diver come with us today, which not only reduced the cost of the private charter, but would prove to be extremely handy later.

At the marina we get all the kit set up and head out to the Hobart, it's only about 8km's away from Wirrina Marina and wouldn't take that long. The weather wasn't as sunny as we'd had the previous day, but there was very little wind so the sea was relatively calm.

Dive 1
For some reason after about 25 mins Wendy decides that she's had enough and signals that she's going back to the boat, looking a little puzzled by this I stare in disbelief as she buddies me with Adrian (the recently acquired third diver) and heads up the mooring line. I’m still in shock at this early exit when I think Adrian and I both realise that Wendy is wearing the ‘Shark Shield’. I guess the remainder of the dive will be without that added piece of mind. The dive itself wasn’t as good as the HMAS Brisbane, but that was mainly due to the poor visibility.

Dive 2
Things go from bad to worse, this time Wendy aborts her dive on reaching the bottom of the mooring line at 16metres. I’m assured by her later that she did manage a 10 minute dive in total, but that included an 8 minute safety stop at 5 metres. We didn’t fall for the same trick a second time though, this time Adrian had the ‘Shark Shield’. By this time it’s getting pretty late in the day and the light is fading, but that doesn’t stop Adrian shooting through all the holes in the ship and popping out in totally different locations, so eventually to keep things safe I started to follow him in. Not that this is dangerous in anyway, you can see the exit point before you even enter the thing. I actually enjoyed this dive as Wendy would never do anything like this, she freaked the last time she went into a ship (HMAS Brisbane).

When we finally surface Wendy is looking very sheepish on the boat, not surprising as she thinks I'm gonna have a go. Which at the time she aborted the dive I probably would have, but there's no point as she doesn't listen to me anyway. I do consider cancelling our diving tomorrow, however Wendy assures me she wants to do it.....we'll see.

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Wendy with the Shark Shield near t…
Wendy with the Shark Shield near …
Wendy just before she bolted for t…
Wendy just before she bolted for …
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photo by: 16weeks