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We were very surprised this morning to find out that public transport (buses) does not run on Bank Holidays - not even a reduced service. Stupidly, in a moment of complete lunacy, we decided to walk the 8km's from Coogee Beach, our campsite, to Fremantle.  The plan was then to get a cab back to the campsite when we were ready.  We knew this was a bad idea when we had to run the gauntlet with the sprinkler system as soon as we had left the campsite!  Once past that, we had to do a mini assault-course across a building site to walk along the verge of a main road. We were pleased to see a tarmac path and skipped merrily along that for the next hour or so.  This path took us close to the beach and inbetween the sand dunes we could see dogs being taken for a Good Friday swim in the sea!  When we had nearly finished our water, and were no longer skipping merrily along the path there were more people meaning that we were nearly at Fremantle.   Fremantle is based around a port and was full of big boats and yuppies/sloanies (yes, they are alive and well in Fremantle) pushing prams containing screaming things covered in ice-cream…  I (Woo) survived this ordeal with very little mental damage and very few kicks in the shins from Phil!  The Easter Weekend seems to be the final weekend before the weather becomes cooler and everyone was outside eating, drinking, socialising and doing the usual Bank Holiday things.  The only shops open were gift shops that were doing an amazing trade in holiday tat!  All the restaurants were full and the fast food outlets were crammed to the rafters…  As we were both about to collapse from our ‘little stroll’, we decided to stop for lunch.  For those of you who care, Phil had pizza (no change there!) and I had calamari and salad (no change there either!)  The restaurant excelled in ‘quantity not quality’ and I got a bucket full of calamari…  Phil couldn’t even finish his pizza.  After consuming less than a quarter of my dish, we decided that it would be preferable to walk back to our campsite as opposed to roll our bodies into a cab.  The final 6km were the bad – it was no longer a good idea!  We had crackers  for dinner and slept very well!


mumabbott says:

So it was just like home at holiday time then,people everywhere.although i think we did have a bus service ..we had lovely sunshine too this holiday strange is that , luv from uk ..xx
Posted on: Apr 12, 2009
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