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It's behind you. Wendy looking bored, as usual

After our usual leisurely breakfast we headed off for a day of visiting both Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Olga’s).


First up would be a climb of Uluru, followed by a walk around it’s base. Well that was at least the plan until we reached the shop at the campsite, where Wendy was informed that the Uluru climb was closed today. I’d heard they did this when the temperature got over 36 degrees or it was windy, but the forecast said it would only get to 32 and there was no wind. She not only returned with this bad news, but also a pair of head nets that you wear to keep the flies off you. I didn’t say it at the time cos it’s usually me that buys anything people try to sell me, but I thought they were a waste of time, as last time we were here I couldn’t remember the flies being a problem.

The Olga's. It's not the photo, they really are sloping left to right..............not really.


When we reached the ticket booth at the entrance to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park that the lady serving said that the climb would be closed all summer, no matter what the temp was. Right then, let’s head off to the Olga’s first and do the “Valley of the Winds” walk.


Guess what, this walk is also dependant on the temperature and is part closed from 11am everyday all summer long. Well it was getting close to 11am and my foot was to the floor, we arrived just after 11 but that wasn’t going to stop us (me).

A water hole at the bottom of Uluru
By now the sun was incredibly hot, nevertheless we put on the camelbacks and headed off up the trail. About 50 yards away from the van we both got the fly nets out and put them on, jeez they were everywhere and very annoying. After about 1km of gentle up hill plodding we arrived at the first lookout, everything after this is out of bounds after 11. It was about 11.30 and people were still coming back up the trail from the restricted bit, so I was trying to convince myself that if there wasn’t anything physical stopping you going down that path, then it can’t be that bad. The fact that we’d only walked 1km up and gentle slop and already we were sweating buckets didn’t register as an indication at the time. It’s only when Wendy (a bit of a chicken but my voice of reason) said they wouldn’t close it if it wasn’t dangerous and that she wouldn’t go any further did I change my mind about the whole thing. We trudged back to the van, taking our new found fly friends in with us, but a blast of cold A/C and a smack with my hat soon got rid of most of them.


If we can’t walk up Uluru or around Kata Tjuta on the ‘Valley of the Winds’ walk, we’d do the next best thing, walk around Uluru.

Mid-afternoon Uluru from the sunset car park.
The circumference of Uluru is apparently 8km’s. No problem I thought, we walked a similar distance in Hervey Bay from our campsite to the marina and back. I’m not sure if it’s any hotter here than it was in Hervey Bay or whether it’s the constant hassle from the flies, but we only got about 1km into our walk before it all became too much and we just turned around. We did the rest of the tour from the comfort of the van, only getting out to take pictures.


Our next outing would be later in the evening to watch the sunset, this time not from our campsite lookout but from the large area set aside closer to Uluru. There were quite a few people milling around when we got there, but since we briefly looked around the place earlier in the day we knew exactly where to park for the best shots. If only the weather could be planned out as well, due to low cloud cover that brought in light showers earlier, the sunset was a bit of a washout ;o)

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Its behind you. Wendy looking bor…
It's behind you. Wendy looking bo…
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The Olga's. It's not the photo, t…
A water hole at the bottom of Uluru
A water hole at the bottom of Uluru
Mid-afternoon Uluru from the sunse…
Mid-afternoon Uluru from the suns…
Caution, genius at work.
Caution, genius at work.
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Uluru at sunset, supposed to be a…
Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle