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Shell Beach

We really enjoyed Monkey Mia this time around; just goes to show that 10 hours crammed into your seat on a coach isn’t necessarily the best preparation for somewhere like this, so I’m glad we had a chance to experience it again.


The noise from next door wasn’t as bad last night, so we got up at 7am to see the dolphins being fed. This bit is just as I remembered it, there must have been around a 100 people all stood around waiting for the ranger/dolphins to turn up. Once ask to do so by the ranger they all entered ankle deep into the water to view the dolphins in action. As Woo and I had already gotten to see this at close quarters last time, we decided to hang back and view from a far. For the first 20 mins only 2 dolphins (mother and daughter) were playing in the shallows, with the youngest showing off by leaping out of the water 5 or 6 times. Just before the buckets of fish arrived the rest of the regulars turned up and the ranger proceeded to name them all based on the dorsal fin features. We left just before the feeding started and headed back to get some brekkie of our own as our up close and personal dolphin experience happened yesterday in the kayak.


Since we’d driven up the Shark Bay peninsula there was a small matter of driving 128km’s down the same road to get back onto the North West Coastal Highway. It wasn’t one long slog though, we did break it up by stopping at Shell Beach (self explanatory) and Hamelin Pool (to see the stumpy the stromatolite).


Wendy did enjoy the fact that the road was curvy for once, not the previous long uninterrupted straight lines.


We arrived in Kalbarri on fumes, with Woo refusing to drive the final 40km’s just in case it stuttered to a halt in the middle of traffic. As usual the light came on and then flickered for a bit, but we arrived at the filling station before anything disastrous happened.


The rest of the day was spent either sleeping (me) or doing the washing (Woo).

mumabbott says:

G,day,so nothing changed on hols then ,u sleeping & Woo doing the washing ,ahh just like home lol only its sunny there .cold winds& rain here ....no laughing .few weeks time it could be snow in Boston.. luv u xx
Posted on: Mar 28, 2009
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Shell Beach
Shell Beach
photo by: cimtech