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After the luxury of the Qantas Premium Economy we were brought back down to earth with a bump with the American Airlines flight. You would think that for an overnight flight they'd try to make their passengers as comfy as possible. Not the case on this occassion, the seats only had around a 2 inch pitch, which meant you had to try and sleep almost upright. It also didn't have the personal entertainment systems that I thought most planes had nowadays, instead they had those small TV's hanging from the ceiling down the aisles. The service was pretty crap as well, actually not crap I suppose a better description would be none existant. All we got in the morning was a glass of orange juice, where was the usual rubbish roll they throw at you! Now I know why I stopped flying AA to London to Boston. Well I managed to get a couple of hours rest with my head against the window, then the pain of being crammed into that small seat upright began to take affect. Time for some soothing Pearl Jam on the iPod to take my mind of things, good job I'd put it in my pocket before sitting down. Wish I'd put my PSP in my pocket as well, without something to watch this flight was seriously dragging on.

Finally we arrived in Boston and shot through the terminal to find my brother and his 2 girls waiting for us. It was good to finally get there, clean up and put on some clean clothes.

So to recap we left Perth at around 6am on Monday morning and arrived in Boston at 8am on Tuesday. Add the 12 hour difference between the two locations and that's a total of 38 hours in transit.....never again.

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photo by: bubu932