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Rains a coming

It sure is humid up t'north, more than I remember Cairns being.

Anyway, back to today's travels. This morning we set off from Jabiru and our destination was Darwin, the most northern location we'd be getting to on our tour of Oz.

The landscape today showed great contrast to that of yesterday, after about 30km gone were the forest and hills, instead being replaced by wetlands. Almost every creek/river we crossed had water up to the bridge and warning signs telling people not to swim/paddle because of the crocs. No live pigs today but we did spot one by the side of the road, obviously the victim of an earlier tangle with a vehicle.

Panaramic of the beach.
We did however see on several occassions small kangaroos in the long grass watching the traffic pass by. Unfortunately I also managed to run over a little bit of the local wildlife as well, those lizards like nothing better than to sunbath in the middle of the road and by the time you recognise it as such it's usually too late. On spotting the lizard on the left side of the lane I drifted to the right, the lizard finally looked up and our eyes met, then he also headed right.....shortly followed by a double thud as he went under the front and rear wheels. Wendy looked horrified and gave me such evils, but what was i supposed to do.

We arrived in Darwn just after lunch and after a quick bite to eat we headed to the bus stop. For $2AUD (about 95p) we could travel the 18km's from our campsite right into the centre of Darwin, plus use it as much as we wanted for 3 hours before it expired.

On having a quick scout around the centre, it was decided that Wendy urgently needed a pedicure and nothing else mattered, so we eventually managed to find a shop that would cut her talons pretty much straight away and I found an internet shop. After about 90mins she came back all flustered, apparently the lady who did her nails chatted on the phone the whole time & didn't pay much attention to her, great...I have to deal with the aftermath.

It only took about 60mins to look around the centre of Darwin, heading down to the wharf, the WWII Oil Storage tunnels and walking through Bicentennial park. As you can see from the picture there was a serious amount of rain heading our way, so rather than stand around waiting for it, we headed back to the bus stop and home. At rush hour the bus still only cost $2AUD, so we had a pleasant journey back with the 23 other people....just like London.

Not much else happened after we got back, we had to walk past the air cushion in the park again, but as always we showed great restraint and stayed away. I'll take a picture of the air pillow soon and hopefully one of us will be performing something spectacular.

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Rains a coming
Rains a coming
Panaramic of the beach.
Panaramic of the beach.
photo by: Sunflower300