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Woke up a little exicted at the prospect of getting in the sea again with a surf board, although that excitement kinda settled down once I'd realised that the sun wasn't exactly shining, the wind was blowing hard and that the sea could be freezing. Parked the bus right next to the Life Savers Club at the beach and walked over to the shop, there were 4 other couples hanging around waiting for someone to turn up, luckily we weren't necessarily the most unfit people there....phew. Wendy's fear that we'd be mixed in with a bunch of school kids and they'd mercilously take the pee out of the old couple had proved to be unfounded, it was just the 10 of us and the 2 teachers.

The lesson was a slight change from the one at Manly, for a start no stretching excercises were needed, plus they changed the way in which they wanted us to stand on the board. Instead of the "All in one motion" we'd been taught in Manly, this time it was more of a 2 step process, which made things a little easier. You planted your back foot first to get a decent base and then moved the front foot into position.

Apparently the weather wasn't ideal for teaching people to surf, however I did on my first attempt of the day manage to get up and stand on the board for a about 5 seconds, after which time I had my arms in the air in celebration.....then did a face plant. On surfacing I was gutted to see that Wendy hadn't seen this magnificant feat, instead she was off in her own world about 10 metres further out to sea than everyone else. She seemed happy with her predicament until the male teacher started heading her way looking all serious swimming and diving under the crashing waves. Wendy later told me that she had actually got it into her head that a shark was just about the eat her and that the teacher heading her way simply added to the paranoia, making her attempt to get everything out of the water.

After my initial success at standing on the board it went down hill, I blame the lack of decent waves since nobody else really got into a standing position that I could see. Wendy did manage to get onto her knees, but since I didn't see it I don't believe her.

We still thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be looking for more places to practice as we travel round.

Next time one of us will have to be out of the water whilst the other is face planting, just to get some shots or video.

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photo by: tropiksun