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Today was supposed to be stormy and it didn't disappoint. The first signs came in the middle of the night when the campervan was getting battered by very strong gusts. Things got so bad that we had to get up and close all the windows, even the closed cupboards were banging even though they are latched shut. I don't think we both got much sleep, but by early morning everything seemed a bit calmer, so we had a bit of a lie in.

Rather than sitting around feeling miserable watching the rain after brekkie, plus we have loads of fuel to get rid of before handing the van back, we decided to just head somewhere new. After looking at the map we decided to just head north to Guilderton, we had no particular reason for going there, it was just about the right distance for a quick drive.

On approach to Guilderton we noticed the same limestone formations you get a the "Pinnacles", but as we're only 200'ish km's away it's not that surprising.

Guilderton wasn't as big as I expected, in fact I don't even think it has anything resembling a main street....the closet we came across was a petrol station that also had a cafe attached. We ended up parking on a cliff overlooking the beach, which was empty except for a few die hard fishermen. The rain light rain had stopped by the time we'd got to Guilderton but we could see a larger storm front coming down the coast. We just sat there for an hour watching the lightning strikes and listening to the crashing waves below. Eventually the heavy rain and lightning was right on top of us, with the thunder booming all around very loudly. My video camera has a 3-second pre-record function, so I was able to record some of the lightning strikes.

The journey back to Quinns Rocks was mainly following the wake of the storm, but the wind & the rain didn't stop the usual idiotic driving regularly seen on Aussie roads, overtaking on blind bends, hills....etc. No wonder there were so many little white crosses at almost every bend or hill crest on that road.

mumabbott says:
hiya ..sounds like your having fun in the rain ...
we have the sun ..easter without rain ..how gud is that ..still a little chilly sometimes ..were ok here ..luv from uk xx
Posted on: Apr 14, 2009
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