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Welcome to my world. If you look closely you might see the new goatee.

Sometimes you do things in the spur of the moment and they turn out to be complete genius, today that happened. Whilst driving from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie we shot past a sign to South West Rocks, now I remember from speaking to the dive guides in Cairns that they do a bit of diving from here. So with that information rattling round in my head, I turn 'bitchface' off and we follow the signs to South West Rocks.


This detour was going to throw the schedule off a little, but what the hell, I'm sure we'll make it up when there's nothing to see in the Red Centre.

Off towards South West Rocks.


We arrive pretty quickly in SWR and just as swiftly fly past the 10 shops that make up the entire town, not a good first impression. After driving around it again trying to find somewhere large enough to park the bus, we decide instead to head off to scope out the camp site before deciding whether to stay here. We find the site about 2km's outside of town just off a road that leads into a national park, from the looks of it the beach must be real close.


You guessed it, we hook the elecy up to Camper1 and head to the beach. After walking down a dirt track through some thick undergrowth and alongside a creek we finally surface near the beach, the sand in the dunes is baking hot, even with our sandals on you can feel the heat.


Taking a quick look around we're the only ones on this stretch of beach, which is pretty good considering it's pristine and about 4km's end to end.

Wendy on her way
Setting off in the direction of the town it's tempting to just run into the water, however not having swimmers or a rash vest, we'd bake within minutes. So we continue paddling our way up towards the town.


Walking around the town took about 4 minutes and we were in a bit of a pickle, it's just gone 1pm and there's nothing left to see. As is usual when we reach this kind of predicament, we decide to eat. There's a lovely little cafe on the front overlooking the beach and as I said it's a small town so getting there won't take a minute. I can see that Wendy is going to go for something relatively healthy, so to stop the tantrums later I inform her that I'll be having the full english. It takes her milliseconds to dismiss what she originally wanted and order the same. It was a good idea at the time but we soon came to regret it when we had to walk a further 2km's to the dive shop and to book the next day, then another 2km's back to town - which in the heat of the afternoon left us feeling a little jaded…


Something had to be done, so when back in town we purchased the rash vests needed for a much needed dip in the ocean.

View from South West Rocks back towards our campsite
Our first this trip, not counting the diving. Armed with our new tops we head down to the secluded part of the beach, on the other side of the head to the main touristy one (Horseshoe Beach). You may be wondering why pick a secluded beach, well Wendy was going swimming in her knickers and the white rash vest.


After the cooling swim we potter back up the beach towards the path that leads to the campsite. We manage to walk past that path, but in doing so come across what looks like a family of 3 kangaroos messing in the surf further up. We get within maybe 50 yards before they all look over at us & skip off into the bush. No idea what they were doing in the surf, but it was cool.


The 2km's walk up the beach to our campsite turned into 4km's once we'd missed the path, but after seeing the Roo's it didn't matter.

Roo's on the beach....i think they've spotted me


That evening whilst outside of the campervan reading, we notice that about 10 kangaroo's have hooped out of the bush and are eating grass over the other side of the camp park. They don't seem to be bothered by the commotion they’re causing, they just keep eating the grass.


After about an hour of them being around, they hop over to a patch of grass just in front of our camper. By this point I’d given in to temptation and had moved over to where they were previously eating to get some pics. So I’m amazed when they all skip past me and settle within 10 metres of where I was sat reading. I notice this is all going off and Wendy is nowhere to be seen, but the campervan door is open. Maybe she just hadn’t noticed Skippy sat outside. Eventually she comes out with the little camera to take some pics as well.

and they're off.
I settle back in my chair and start snapping away, unfortunately the light is fading and that’s not really beneficial to good pics (my excuse anyway)


After 10 mins of eating in front of the camper, they all hop around the back and settle in for the night. When we go to brush our teeth at 10.30 they’re still all there, some eating some resting. Then on several occasions during the night when I’ve woken up and looked out of the window, they were still there….sweet. 


They didn’t hang around for breakfast though, at 6.30 there were gone. Ah well, it was good whilst it lasted.

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Welcome to my world. If you look c…
Welcome to my world. If you look …
Off towards South West Rocks.
Off towards South West Rocks.
Wendy on her way
Wendy on her way
View from South West Rocks back to…
View from South West Rocks back t…
Roos on the beach....i think they…
Roo's on the beach....i think the…
and theyre off.
and they're off.
Roos near the Mystery Machine
Roo's near the Mystery Machine
Can you see the Joey?
Can you see the Joey?
Joey again
Joey again
Wendys view from the campervan.
Wendy's view from the campervan.
What you looking at, like?
What you looking at, like?
South West Rocks
photo by: 16weeks