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What a day - we finally got around to having a surf lesson today on Manly Beach. Well, I tried to surf whereas Wendy decided to just bodyboard. The trainers on several occassions trying to get her to try and stand up, but she was in her element just riding the waves into shore whilst lying on the board and shouting 'wheeeeeee!' on the way in... I, on the other hand decided to master this sport in just 2 hours, so as soon as they let us loose I went to where the big waves were crashing. The only problem being that the other 20+ people all learning to surf were herded into the same 20 metres of water, so whenever I managed to get on a wave there'd always be someone in front of me.....so invariably I'd panic and role into the sea (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). We both survived with no physical injuries, although the board did smack Wendy right in the face and I managed to get cracked full on the top of my head, but nobody saw it so it didn't really happen! After about 5 tries to get up onto my feet the arms just failed to work anymore, so I would end up on my knees for a split second before plunging face first into the surf.

No matter how much sea water we both swallowed or how sore we would be afterwards, I think we're both hooked and will be looking for more time in the water.

sshaunaa says:
It's tougher than it looks, eh? :)
Posted on: Apr 19, 2009
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photo by: Sunflower300