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Woke up early(ish) considering we didn’t get too much sleep due to the storms. The kind of storms where the thunder rattles the windows and you can feel the bass go right through you.


Noticed in the guide yesterday that there’s a beach nearby, so today the plan is to visit said beach. It was only about 14km from Ayr and we needed to do anything to get out of the camp site for the day, so off we headed to Alva Beach.


What you notice whilst driving to this beach is that nobody else is… On the whole journey we probably saw 3 other vehicles, all heading in the opposite direction. We arrived at the town of Alva and parked the bus in what looked like parking bays next to a playground. It didn’t look the kind of place a traffic warden would be hanging around, so we felt safe.


It was another glorious Queensland day, not a cloud in the sky and very little wind. We headed through the trees to the beach, only to be greeted by a lifeguard’s sign warning that swimming in the sea without a gimp suit (see photo of me diving in Cairns). Since we don’t own those kind of outfits, there was going to be no cooling dip in the sea today. Instead we walked about 2km’s up the beach watching all the quad bikes going by with 1 or 2 dogs perched on the back, each time waving at the rider. Once all the bikes had gone there was nothing else keeping us going forward, so we chucked a U-ey and headed back to the bus.


Great - it wasn’t even noon and we’d completed the thing that was supposed to keep us occupied for the day. I quickly pulled out the Lonely Planet guide and desperately looked for something/somewhere to go. Ayr has a twin town just over the river don’t you know, so that’s where we were heading. We had 14km’s back to Ayr and then 14km’s onto Home Hill. Well Home Hill is even smaller than Ayr, with a main street roughly 400 metres long and around 30 shops. We didn’t even bothering to stop to check ‘em out, so it was back to the camp site and another swim in the pool.

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photo by: 16weeks