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The view through the front window of Camper1.

20th Jan – Rollingstone


We leave South Mission Beach with an endorsement from the same lady ringing in our ears, she was well impressed we managed to get the campervan out of the space without smashing into anything. Filled with this new found confidence we head off to our next stop, Rollingstone. Yep you guessed it, I picked that stop just ‘cos of the name.


Being just over 150km’s from Mission Beach the journey was just over 2 hours, so nothing much happened.

In all it's glory
The scenery though was spectacular though, for the whole journey south so far it’s been beach on one side and hills on the other and miles upon miles of cane fields or banana’s. There’s also a mythical railway track that runs alongside most of the roads, but so far we haven’t seen a single train.


Once again we actually missed the turn off for the campsite, I thought we’d go into Rollingstone first and see what the town was like, it was only once we’d past the 1 pub & 1 garage that we realised that that was it. Chucking a quick U-ey, we headed back in the direction we’d come. The road from the Bruce Highway to the campsite looked like it had recently been cut through the trees.


On arrival the site looked very nice, right next to the beach and we were probably only the third occupants. After her initial success the day before Wendy was once again dispatched to procure a ‘powered site’ for the night. She returned a lot quicker than the day before and without the puzzled look on her face, we’d been allocated a number and we moved off to find it.


Just like the day before we quickly sorted everything out and headed for the beach, this time not to walk but to swim. Whilst Wendy was getting into her bathers I walked the 20 metres to the beach, only to find a sign warning people not to go into the sea because of crocs. Taking heed of the warning, we went to the pool instead. Nothing better on a red hot day than dunking Wendy in the pool ;o)


Not wanting to waste the beautiful beach stretched out in front of our camper, I went to reception and asked them about the crocs. Apparently due to all the crap in the water after cyclone Charlotte and the King Tide, we were safe to walk on it. The amount of debris was immense, bits of coral head, lots of timber, the odd thong (flip-flop) and strange enough large chunks of earth. God knows where that earth came from since this was an all sand beach, but the dirt was turning the sea black. I must admit to keeping an eye on the mangrove/woods that came right up to the edge of the beach for the little beasties. I was in a bit of a predicament actually, do I keep Wendy between me and the water, or the tree line……


Whilst walking around we got chatting to one of the owners as he zoomed around on a golf cart, Wendy pointed out a cane toad to him, which he swore at and then proceeded to mow down with 2 load pops as his tyres went over it. Was odd to then see the little toad hop off into the night, they're tough blighters.


Unlike the night before there was a nice breeze coming straight off the sea, so with all the windows in the camper open it was a more comfortable sleep.


mumabbott says:
looks good your camper ..sounds like your having a great time both of you ..we are all ok here ..take care xxx
Posted on: Jan 21, 2009
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The view through the front window …
The view through the front window…
In all its glory
In all it's glory
photo by: Lebu29