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The day started off with a conversation with our nearest campervan neighbours, Angel and Art from Holland. They were planning to travel to Robe today and asked us our destination, Kingston we said. They informed us that they'd spoken to the couple on the other side of them last night and Kingston wasn't necessarily a good place to stop. The dutch seem very chatty, as we'd previously not had any conversations with any of our other neighbours and this couple were talking to everyone.

Just to make sure we weren't missing something spectacular we popped into Robe on the way to Kingston to check, it looked quaint in an oldie worldie kinda way, but not compelling enough to keep us there. Anyway it was only 11.30am and what were we gonna do since there was little surfing going on.

So we saddled up and headed on our way, Kingston was only another 70km or so from Robe and we'd hit there around lunch time....yummy.

If you're looking for miles and miles of uncrowded beaches, then Kingston is the place for you. We drove along the beach front until we found a suitable tree to park the camper next to, then just went off-road to get right next to the beach. In the shade of the tree we settled down to our Ham/Coleslaw/Cheese bap, before getting changed for a refreshing dip in the nearby ocean. I chose a handy little spot that had an access path to the beach and a pontoon about 15metres out. 13 metres of shallow warm blue water, then 2 metres of darker/colder/deeper water to reach the pontoon. On nearing the end of the shallow water I froze perfectly still, looking at the 2 metre snake shaped object I could see in the water in front of us. After a minute or so of debating we decided to just walk around the thing to get to the pontoon, however I couldn't just walk by without taking a closer look. Imagine how stupid I felt seeing that it was just a twig/branch, a very snake shaped twig/branch, but definitely not a snake...PHEW. After spending about 30 mins messing in the water and lounging on the pontoon we decided to move on, as nice and relaxing as this place was, we aren't the types to our pasty white bodies will testify too.

Quickly rinsing off the sea water in the campervan shower we hit the road again, this time not really knowing where we'd end up. I knew the route we would have to take, but not exactly where I'd get bored of driving and need to stop.

After passing through a couple of towns that promised to have caravan parks but failed to deliver (Salt Creek and Policemans Point), we came across Meningie (not sure on the precise pronunciation), which not only had a cavaran park, had a caravan park that was a member of one of the clubs we've joined (sad I know). Meningie is located on the banks of Lake Albert and after reading the Lonely Planet the town offers many restaurants and shops. I'm not sure when this version of Lonely Planet was written, but 1 restaurant and 1 grocery shop didn't really live up to the hype. Needless to say we were back at the campsite within 30mins of leaving it. The rest of the afternoon/evening was taken up with Wendy reading her "Dexter" book and me surfing the web looking for day tours to Kangaroo Island (we were sat outside before anyone has a go)

mumabbott says:

Phew glad it wasnt A snake had me in a panic then
alls well in the UK & USA..XX
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
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photo by: hoofinnit