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I've got loads of pics of this whale shark

Well she's finally done it, after missing out on a previous trip where we spotted one, Wendy has gone and seen her first Whale Shark in the flesh. Even though we had to get up at 5.50 this morning it was definitely worth it.

At the moment it's still low season here in Exmouth and they're gearing up for a big influx of people in around 2 weeks, so we were the only boat out on the water this morning looking for Whale Sharks. What will happen in 2 weeks time is that the boat companies share a spotter plane, once a shark is spotted then all the boat descend on that location, first one there gets 10 of it's people at a time into the water. Once all on board has swam with the Whale Shark, that boat moves out of the way and lets another boat in. This will continue for a maximum of 90mins with any one particular fish before they all have to leave it alone.

Slightly in front for a change
Since we were the only boat out today we just kept alternating between the 2 groups of 6 that were onboard.

The Whale Shark we saw was only a toddler measuring around 4 metres, which is still relatively big when you swim next to one, but tiny compared to the 15metre+ that can be found elsewhere. When we first got in it was swimming really slow, so slow that all the snorkellers kept in a tight group on one side of it (always sticking behind the spotter who would make sure we were 3metres away at all times). On our second attempt as soon as we got in the water it moved right under our position, giving the poor girl that had been blowing chunks on the trip out a pleasant surprise. The rest of us were all trying our hardest to get of the way of the oncoming shark, including the spotter.

Before someone almost fell on it
I think that close encounter with 7 excited snorkellers must have startled the poor little blighter because it soon upped its pace and left us for dead. The next attempts by the first group and ours were soon left in the wake of the shark, before it finally gave up and went deep. The spotter plane came back but was unable to find that or another Whale Shark for us to swim with. It didn't really matter tobe honest since I think we'd all had a close experience of the thing. Time to head to calmer waters for lunch.

On the way to our sheltered position inside the reef system the captain suddenly cut the engines and began to swing the boat around, apparently he'd seen a large Tiger Shark swimming near the surface. I'm not sure what would have happened if it'd stood it's ground and kept swimming, but we didn't get to find out since it disappeared.

Lunch was fantastic and we went for a lovely snorkel before heading back in. Great Day.

Forgot to mention, seeing this Whale Shark has now freed up 2 weeks at the end of the trip. I thought we'd timed this all wrong so we were planning to drive straight back up to Exmouth towards the end of the we don't need to so can take it even easier going down to Perth......bonza.

sshaunaa says:
Hey .. which company did you do the whale shark tour with? I'm planning to go to Exmouth in about a month's time.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2009
mumabbott says:
Poor Woo ,think i would have panicked in that big ocean .but then your used to being under big oceans ..
T T F N ..XX
Posted on: Mar 18, 2009
mumabbott says:
glad the camper is behaving itself ...seems you had a good time in the water ..great photo of you both together ..need to frame it cause theres not many around lol.eveyone ok here and U S ..keep safe .love u xx
Posted on: Mar 17, 2009
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Ive got loads of pics of this wha…
I've got loads of pics of this wh…
Slightly in front for a change
Slightly in front for a change
Before someone almost fell on it
Before someone almost fell on it
Woo being left behind.
Woo being left behind.
photo by: rollerblading