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We had a long slog ahead of us today and we couldn’t hang about if we were to get to Monkey Mia before sunset and the suicidal kangaroos. I still have no idea why they hang about on the road, but as soon as the sun starts to set it’s dangerous to be flying down the asphalt at 110kmph, especially in something that has the stopping capabilities of the QE2.


Before getting too engrossed in the driving, first we had to make a stop in Geraldton for some much needed supplies, all the fresh food had been used up and there wouldn’t be another supermarket for 100’s of km’s….more importantly the beer was running dangerously low.


After stopping for some lunch and swapping drivers we finally arrived in Denham around 4.30pm, the last 50km’s were a little fraught as it’s had been 365km’s since we last filled up and the van only usually does 400km’s to the tank. We’ve gone over 400km’s previously but never by this much…it could all end in disaster. It worried Woo so much that she handed control of the van back over as soon as the warning light came on - she couldn’t pull the van over quick enough at the first parking spot available! At this point most normal people would try to mother the diesel consumption by sticking to a reasonable RPM - not me. After over 2 months in the van and safe in the knowledge that we had a jerry can in the back full of 20 litres, I was more than willing to see how far this thing would actually go on a full tank. Unfortunately for us we hit Denham before we ran out, so that story will have to wait for another time…….that time possibly being the return trip to Geraldton if I floor it the whole way.


After filling up and travelling the additional 28km’s to Monkey Mia it was comforting to see the Emu’s still milling about when we parked up. It’s good to be back under clear blue skies and 30+ degreeC weather.

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Monkey Mia
photo by: rollerblading