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Today some chairlift operators thought I was mentally challenged. I accidentally dropped my ski gloves in the snow right before I was about to get on the chairlift. Apparently that act, combined with my blond hair, equals some big time mental problems. As the operator was running my gloves up to me before I was whisked to the top of the mountain, in front of everyone else, he yelled encouragements at me, saying “You can do it!” (meaning sit on the chair when it got to me), and “Here it comes… The lift’s almost here, almost here, almooooost…. IT’S HERE! Sit, Sit, Sit!!!!!” What else was I supposed to do, try to back handspring into it? It was humiliating. Lucky for me, I sat down successfully and everything was fine until I got in the line the next time. As soon as the one chairlift operator saw me, he picked up with the encouragements again, telling me I was a good sitter, and reminding me how well the chairlift ride worked out for me last time. As I was getting on the lift (another successful attempt), I couldn’t help but think how excited I am to get out of California and head to Thailand.
I’m leaving for that part of the world in just a few days, and am super excited. At first, I’ll be volunteering with a company called “Global Vision” in the Krabi Province. The kids there need to learn English, and my sister and I will be teaching it to them. Even though I’ve never been to Thailand, I feel pretty secure about the first two weeks anyways, while we’re working with GVI. The company seems to really take care of their volunteers, and I’m hoping we’ll be no exception. We have a few plans after we leave GVI, but I’ll write about that later. We hope to stay in the region for up to five months.
I’ve set up this blog account so anyone (yes, you!) can follow along with our travels and volunteer experience. My sister and I both have been pretty sheltered and pampered here in the U.S., so this should be interesting. Wish us luck! 
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