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10th August 2008

Relatively restless night last night. I guess who can't expect too much from a hostel with accommodation at $8/night.
Rooms are very small and have paper thin walls. My room is located just above the street which doesn't make it too fun.

Decided to go walking around today around Bandung City.

Had all intentions of exploring to find the Bandung Monument and the Museum but ended up getting lost and found myself down a street full of beggars and some people with no arms.
One particular beggar caught my attention because she was holding a small child and the child was incredibly dirty.
Being the true Australian that I am, it didn't faze me. Although, less that $1 Australian would have been a fair bit to them.

I found some half decent shopping malls but they were more like multi level stalls.
Kinda like Parklea Markets.

There seems to be shops dedicated to different burkas everywhere and with the majority of the population being Muslim I guess there is a need for it.

I don't think I'll ever forget the experience of walking into oncoming traffic while trying to cross the road since the roads do not have pedestrian crossings.

Another thing I will not forget are the living conditions here.
In the morning, I walked through some 'fresh' food markets and was so surprised what I saw.
There were the usual stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables but there were a few stalls with chicken, fish and meat that were all out in the sun with flies all over the carcasses and flesh! Talk about Unsanitary and Unhygienic! There wasn't even any ice to keep them cool or anything.
Definitely borderline primitive style of living.

The mosquitoes are in full force at night.

Off to see Jason, Paula, Ethan and Ezekial tomorrow! Can't Wait!
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photo by: yuness