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Tuk Tuk
8th August 2008

From Denpasar to Jakarta.

Weather: Hot, Humid, Stuffy, Yuck!

A 'fun' day travelling from Kuta to Denpasar airport to catch a plane to Jakarta, Java.
Flying Air Asia was always known to be a bit of a dilemma. It's Asia's version of Jetstar/Virgin Blue but cheaper and dodgier.
Seats worked as a first in first serve basis and you just found a seat on the plan and took it.
Plane trip was uneventful. Was pretty smooth flying actually.

The effort to get to Central Jakarta wasn't so uneventful.
When I arrived, A bus had to be taken to 'Gambir' train station which cost 20000 rupiah.
Waiting and finding the bus was a challenge. In comparison to Bali, very few people here were friendly and very few spoke English.
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
If i was freaking out when I first got to Bali, I can just imagine what I would be like if I flew into Jakarta first!
The bus trip to Gambir train station took around about an hour. On the journey I passed many regions that really showed Indonesia to be a 3rd world country.
Rivers and canals with their banks covered in plastic rubbish. Many houses were makeshift with tin sheeting (mostly rusting) acting as walls and roofs. It's very hard to describe the views in writing. Photos would even have difficulty truly describing what the living conditions are like.
After arriving at Gambir station, I was harassed by offers of transport yet again, this time by local 'tuk tuk' (banjar) drivers as well as taxi drivers.
The Banjar is a motorized cabin on 3 wheels, powered by a very noisy two stroke engine.
They are mostly orange but some are painted brightly and can fit 2 people in the back.
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
They look pretty cool :)
I caught a taxi to where I am staying for the night which is about 15 minutes away from central station.

To put it plainly, the streets are filthy, the people are rude and speak very little English and the busy streets are filled with Muslims as opposed to Hindus in Bali. It is a very different atmosphere to Bali. It smells, is very stuffy, rubbish is everywhere and I have a big fear of catching a virus or disease. lol

All in all, I really do not like Jakarta, and I seem to be the only Westerner in this area (although that suits me fine, less chance of getting bombed lol).
I was meant to stay here for about 3 days, but now have decided to head over to Bandung a little earlier to see the familiar faces of the McPhail family.
Apart from the poor view of Jakarta, the guesthouse I am staying at, Wisma Tujuh Guest House, is lovely. The staff are very accommodating and he rooms are spacious and very clean.
I had booked my room well in advance and when I arrived this morning it was already occupied so they upgraded my room to one with a TV and AC.
Also proud to say that I have managed to squeeze 26kg worth of items into my backpack.. but now struggle to lift it at all. haha
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Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
Wisma Tujuh Guesthouse
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Wisma Tujuh Guest House
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