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Onion Ring says, Don't Do That

One thing that I have found in my stay in chicago is that this town has waaaaay to many rules, many of them are too easy to break.  For example, I live by a place called the Red Head, which has a mandatory coat check that you have to pay two dollars to use.  Another personal favourite is the uproar people have when part of your car is stuck in the crosswalk.  Finally there is the dreadful malt liqour ban, which will make it impossible for every travelbuddy, hobo, college doucebag, or jazzman to get a good drink at an affordable price that comes in a fasionable paper bag, god bless america right?

More rules are about to be introduced to my life, since a person was kidnapped from my building, now I get to have an occasional ID check, and my favourite doorman has been fired.... which is what happens when someone gets kidnapped on your watch.

However the best rule in chicago is the rule of the parking meters.  Basically if you want to park in chicago you have to pay.  To do this the city has placed parking meters around the city of the years.  Well now they have raised the rate to 2 dollars an hour.  So to park for an hour you have to put 8 quarters in the meter.  Not to tough?  2 hours?  You gotta put 16 quarters in.  So what happens?  Well the machine gets overflow with money.  And what does that mean?  Well your car gets towed.


So what inspired this entry?  Well this onion ring that looked like a no sign! 

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Onion Ring says, Dont Do That
Onion Ring says, Don't Do That
photo by: mahoney