1st January 2009 TB dinner meetup

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In the afternoon, I was online to check messages from my Facebook & Travbuddy. Was great to meet Sal online in Facebook, and really lovely to have the opportunity for a small chat. He told me there was dinner plan for that evening but no concrete plan yet.
He said he would try to get them to go for Italian cusine.
Later, Wendy suggested dinner at Humphrey's in Amsterdam.
Sal asked me if I'm able to join them there? That way, we could catch up before he proceed to the next destination of his trip - Prague.
At that moment I already had dinner plan with my husband, so I told Sal, I could make it after my dinner.
I really had no idea who's attending this meetup, so just leave it as a surprise upon my arrival.

After chatting with Sal, I quickly went to take a look at the location of Humphrey's in Amsterdam.
I got it! Glad is a short distance walk from the station.

After my dinner, I took a train to Amsterdam, the temperature during that time was not as cold as 2 days ago, least my feet won't get frozen:P
Arrived in Amsterdam station at around 9pm, I gave Bart Jan a call on his mobile to check if they were still there and I told him I was on my way to the restaurant. He told me they were right at the back of the restaurant.
Arrived in the restaurant, at the entrance I could see right to the end and I don't get to see any TBers in there, at that moment in time, I was wondering, was I at the right place? Since I heard Bart Jan said they were right at the back.
I gave a thought, maybe I walked all the way to the end and see what was there?
So I walked right to the end and turned my head, to my right there was an entrance to the other part of the dining area.

I followed the way till I reached, kind of the back of the restaurant, I saw 2 tables with all the TBers.
I said hello to everyone as I approached, they were having their main course half way thru.
Glad to see Anna, Lieke, Devi, Alex, Ket, Bart, Wendy, these are the familiar faces that I had met in my previous meetup.
I saw James(pearcetoyou) sitting at the other table, there's an empty seat right next to him, so I took that seat.
Was great to meet James in person for the first time.
We had some small talk and he introduced me to Lynn(BlueMoonAdventure), who's sitting right opposite him and Marina(Marinushka) at the next table.
Oh I'm really happy to see Marina attending this meetup, as both of us we did have small chat in TB.
Never expect that, here she is in the meetup;)

After their dinner, some of us went around to catch up with other TBers.

Is always nice to meet new faces, this time I get to know Jen(jenniftyrrell), Bill(the_bill), Oussama(oussjarrouse), Matt(friend of Brett), one of the guy from UK, I never get his name.

Time for photography session, how could I miss such an awesome moment?
Of course I had my camera ready earlier, trying to capture every moment of the meetup!
Took some lovely shot with all the Tbers attending this meetup.
Everyone of us really had a great time in this meetup, such a unforgettable moment!

Time passes so fast, oh sad to say I really hate this part of the meetup, as we were approaching the ending phase of this meetup, is always nice to attend meetup, and is always sad to say good bye.
Everyone's trying to grab that particular moment in time to catch up as much as possible and exchange of contact, etc.
This is the time where everyone wishes how nice if time is able to stretch out longer like an elastic band:P
When everybody stepped out of the restaurant, Sal, gathered everyone together to captured a group photo infront of the restaurant.
Oh this is really a memorable moment in time, so I got my camera ready to get one great shot too!
Till next time hope to meet the same faces again in the future meetups!
KeikoCreative says:
Same here, so far this is the most wonderful new year I have too! Really very meaningful;)
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
sincitytraveler says:
This was the PERFECT way for me to spend my last night in Amsterdam with so many great friends!! I can't thank you all enough for making me feel so welcome. This was my favorite New Year's celebration EVER! :)
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
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Group photo
Group photo
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photo by: pearcetoyou