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So! I finally sat down for a couple hours last night and decided on my basic route through Europe. Since it is sort of out of the way and I would just be backtracking like hell, I decided to say screw Greece and make that a week trip sometime in the future. Greece is the sort of place that you really need to explore in detail, not a quick two-day run by. I am excited to plan that trip sometime in the future!!  Haha, Greece I think has a magical quality to it. At least I'm hoping. I'm wishing that when I go, I'll climb up Mount Olympus, get struck by lightning and then be infused with some of Zeus godlike abilities... Lord knows I'm already imbibed with a healthy dose of Zeus's wrath. Maybe if I run up the mountain and do a worshiping dance and sing songs celebrating Zeus, he'll be impressed and willingly decide to make me the goddess I already know I am. I'll have to study the native dances of Greece and see what's what.

So, we already know that I'm going to fly into Rome. Now, this is going to be a long list, but I'll try and condense it as much as possible -

Rome to Florence and then on to Venice. I'm hoping to explore these cities as much as possible. I am absolutely in love with the artwork of Michaelangelo, and I'm hoping to see as many of his artworks as possible. Florence, as you may or may not know, was his home town and I would love to get to know the place. Also, the Medici empire was based in Florence, and after reading several books about him, I've decided that Lorenzo (The Magnificent) de Medici is possibly the love of my life. (Well, he's dead, but you get what I mean.)

Anyways, after Venice I'm heading to Austria to visit with Gilby-Goat (Gilbert) and after a brief romp through Vienna I'm headed to Prague.

After Prague, it's Germany!! I've yet to learn where  my friend Lena lives, so depending I might take a detour to where she is. Otherwise, I'm headed to Berlin, to Hamburg, and other Northern cities in Germany. 

After all of that, it's to what may be the most interesting and what is guaranteed to be the most memorable (And possibly the leg of the trip I'll involuntarily forget the most of) part of my journey. Amsterdam.

I'll leave that part up to your imagination.

Anyways, when I drag myself out of Amsterdam it's on to Brussels, then somewhere along the coast I'll be finding a ferry and taking myself across the straights of Dover and into the UK. I'll be heading firstly to London, then to Bath, then to Stratford-Upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare) and from there to Warwick and Birmingham. Hopefully I'll have enough time to explore these areas well, because I've always wanted to explore England... I read a LOT of classic romances which are based in 1800s England... anyways.

From Birmingham it's on to Ireland. I have no idea how I'm going to get there, but I'm sure an opportunity will present itself. I plan on doing a circle tour of Ireland, including places such as Wexford, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, and Kildare.

After I fall in love with Ireland, I'll be headed to Paris. After a short stay in Paris I'll be taking the train down through Orleans and Limoges. I'll be headed to Spain and the coastal town of San Sebastian. Mrs. Burke would be so proud of me. I'm doing a circle tour of Spain as well. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for you Spanish students.. Anyways, I'm hitting up the cities of Seville, Bilbao, Madrid, Cordoba, Gilbraltar, Granada, Valencia, and Barcelona.

Now, depending on how much money I have left at this point I may or may not be swimming across the Straight of Gibralter and exploring Morocco. I would love to go, but if I don't have enough time I will have to leave it for next fall, when I plan to hike around Africa. It would be more convinent but I'll cross that bridge (or great gaping body of water) when I come to it.

After this, I'm going to be chilling along the Mediterranean coast of France and Italy, traveling along to Marseille, Toulon, Cannes, and Nice.

Then it's back to Italy, to Milan and Genova and from there I'm going up to Switzerland to see Maria. My sister tells me not to miss Switzerland, so I'll be spending the remaining days of my trip there, exploring. Then, with a day or two left of my trip I'll make a quick shot back to Milan and then back to Rome.

And that's my trip!! I'm sure I'll meet people along the way who will probably screw up my schedule, but that's the beauty of winging it!! I also have a wish list of Castles/other historic or interesting places to see along the way. If you have any suggestions LET ME KNOW!

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