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brief stop at hooters!

Mexico airports are very hectic once you get out of the actual baggage claim. OMG! So many people coming up to you and trying to get you to jump in their taxi’s or take their service, or rent a car. I felt like shouting at them! But I know that they are just doing their job.  We got this freaking taxi that was super expensive! I wanted to slit their wrists for charging so much. Nah, not really. I’m just being dramatic. But we were on our way to our hotel. I don’t remember the drivers’ name, but he was a really nice man. We got there at dusk and the weather was really nice! I would say about high 70’s or so, but boy was it windy! We were staying at the Royal Sands Resort.

Erika on our way to dinner at the taco place.
It took us about 20 minutes to get there. Our friend Cecily was already there. It was her family time share that we were using. So we get up to the front of the hotel and a man is helping us get our things and he asks what name the reservation is under so I gave him Cecily’s name. He couldn’t find her. I was like, “WHAT? She’s already here!” I am trying to call her, but she does not answer! So I don’t know what to do. I tell him I’m going to the front desk because he is useless to me! Well, not in those words, but in a more pleasant was, and in Spanish. So I go up there and the girl knows what I’m talking about. Apparently Cecily thought we were going to go there first and she was right! We did go to the main reception area first! She had asked them to let us know that we have to go through another reception area for timeshare. But the gal was kind enough to check us in. So off we go to our room. The room key is also the card needed to pay for whatever you need to pay for items at stores and drinks by the pool. I was like, but what if I want to pay cash? Nope, that’s the only way to pay. Another thing I didn’t get when she told me that the room key was the card needed to purchase was that it was the room key. We get to the room and we try it, but it’s not working so we start to knock on the door. Cecily opens the door a few minutes later and she looks tired. She had gone to sleep waiting for us to arrive. By that time it is already dark and the wind is strong! Our room was beach front! And let me tell you, it was such a nice room! Living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. PERFECT! We were loving it! Both rooms had balconies. The big balcony had a table and four chairs as well as two lounge chairs with foot stools. It was great! I wanted to explore, as did Erika. Cecily has been there over six times, so she was down for whatever. Klarke, the drunken one, was interested in one thing. Sleep! She was tired! We let her get her rest while the three of us went into town and had dinner. We went to eat tacos. They were so good!


 While we were eating, I decided to call my mom and let her know that I had arrived. I dialed and my brother answered. I told him I was there and to let my mom know that I had arrived since she was not home. In my head I was debating if I should ask him about what happened at home. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know about it. I wanted to be selfish. I couldn’t. It’s not in my nature to not care what is happening at home while I am somewhere else. I asked him and he told me that our cousin was killed that morning. It was such a total shock to me because that isn’t what I has expecting at all. I hung up with him and dropped the phone on the table and cried my heart out. What away to start my vacation.

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brief stop at hooters!
brief stop at hooters!
Erika on our way to dinner at the …
Erika on our way to dinner at the…
photo by: Marina2710