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I was finally in Antwerp!  The infamous site of the meet up in 2008 and Sylvie's hometown! LOL.  I was excited to arrive in a "big" Belgian city for my first time but it could not have been worse weather.  It rained then misted and then rained some more.  It was cold and I found that the hood on my heavy jacket was utterly useless as I flopped it over only to find it not only covered my head from the elements...but my entire face, rendering me rather blind! LOL.

Brett showed some some of the popular sites in Antwerp including the site of the meet up and the nearby red light district.  Hmmm, coincidence? HAHA. 

Next was back to the Christmas Mart - Brett's favorite place I later learned!! HAHAHA  We wandered to the Christmas Mart and I had to try my first REAL Belgian waffle. It was rather yummy, even plain...not sure if was because it was so cold outside and I really wanted something hot or because the waffle was that darn good - either way, I inhaled it in seconds.  Afterwards, we found a beanie for me to wear as I was pretty much a soppy wet dog by this point! 

We then headed back to the car and got on the road to Brussels where we were spending the night.  We might've been on the road just a tad sooner if someone (*cough cough* Brett *cough cough*) hadn't sworn he knew where we were going and probably made us walk 2 miles out of the way trying to find our way back! LOL. 

poohstanggt says:
HAHAHA...you soooo know it's true though! LOL
Posted on: May 11, 2009
metsbwd says:
I was going to smile...until the last sentence :-P
Posted on: May 11, 2009
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