Dinner and Some Absinthe!

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We left the beautiful light show at the Grand Place and wandered back to this area which is known for its seafood.  Apparently there are some shady places as far as prices go and Brett suggested we go to the place he had been before.  Little did we know, we would end up being scammed a bit on the prices.  We ordered off the picture menu - a cold seafood platter and then a large seafood Paella.  Well, it ended up being the MOST EXPENSIVE meal I've ever eaten! LOL.  After one bottle of moderately priced wine the bill came to close to 300 Euros.  Translate that into USD and my credit card got hit for slightly less than $500 USD.  Painful and the seafood was not that good!  Brett apologized and pretty much wouldn't let me pay for anything else for days to come! LOL.


After that morbidly expensive dinner, we headed down to the bar area nearby to the Absinthe place and then to have a beer across the street.  I've had absinthe once before and not a huge fan but wanted to try it here.  We did the one with the sugar cubes that dissolve in the drink while we watched the neighboring tables do the flaming one.  Wow.  The place was packed, too noisy for my taste but we were in Belgium, I wasn't expecting a quiet bar! LOL. 

After the absinthe and the beer across the way, Brett had "hit the wall" and we headed back to our room to get a good night sleep as we had a full day of sightseeing and driving back to Eindhoven to do! 

poohstanggt says:
Oh yes I do...and since you are "trying" to out me, I will point out you were tipsy and not making much sense but to be nice, I said you had "hit the wall" insinuating you were tired! LOL
Posted on: May 11, 2009
metsbwd says:
Um...excuse me? I had hit the wall? Not this night, honey! Do you remember sitting at the table at the top of the stairs leading up from the lower bar at Delirium cafe? I bet not :-P
Posted on: May 11, 2009
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YEAH!! We have FINALLY arrived!! I was wondering if we'd ever get there....the couple blocks to the hotel were honestly the longest I had ever experienced.  Up until this point, my experience with European traffic situations was rather limited.  Wow...it was like driving down the Las Vegas strip on a holiday weekend.  I think it took an hour to get the two blocks to the parking lot closest to our hotel.  Something else I would soon get used to.....no parking in the hotels per se.  Pretty much everywhere we could go on the entire trip involved parking in public city type lots.  Very strange for me.....I am used to driving somewhere, pulling up, and parking there! Spoiled, I know! :D

In any case, we finally made it and brought our luggage the few blocks to the hotel, which was absolutely breathtaking.  We had this garden/atrium view which was spectacular.  Took a few photos of the hotel, hurried to get ready after after being soaked in Antwerp and we were going to head out to do some sightseeing and find some good seafood for dinner. 

photo by: Vlindeke