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Ok...we were bad kids after the stop in the chocolate shop!  We went back to the Grand Place/Grote Markt area for lunch/dinner.  We found a nice restaurant overlooking the square so we found a table on the third floor and secured a table right at the window.  Mussels and beer were sounding really good about now!  Brett had some type of stew I believe and we tried Tongerlo beers.  The restaurant we were at was called Peacock Brasserie and was a 17th century historic house overlooking the town hall.  Although it was small and crowded, the views were worth it! 

After dinner, we walked back towards the car and not sure what on earth possessed us to stop in a pastry place (we said we wanted coffee to help keep us awake on the drive back...lol).  They had crepes and waffles on the menu - it is true I was yet to try a real crepe in Europe so we ordred one nutella crepe and a strawberry chocolate waffle.


We left there and continued on towards the parking garage but made a pitstop at the Beer Planet first to pick up some Belgian specialties to bring home with us.  I let Brett pick the beers and I wandered around taking photos of the bottles and/or glasses that peaked my interest.  We ended up leaving with a 10 pack of beer and figured we better get back on the road. 

We got back to the garage and Brett noticed something rather strange....bathrooms right there that were visible to everyone around.  I took a couple photos although there is a bit of glare, you can clearly see the urinals, right there for public viewing. LOL. 

Driving out of Brussels, we passed by the sex shop area so I tried to get a couple photos of the signs but obviously some came out blurry as mr speed demon was behind the wheel! :D

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After we left the main area of Brussels, we decided to stop by the Atomium just so I could see it from the street area.  Brett didn't think it would be that visible at night but turns out they have beautiful lights present at night.  We found parking on the street right near it and tried to get a couple decent night shots but did not do so well.  LOL.  It was pretty to see and looked like a few people were up in the spheres. 

The same area featured some type of amusement park and movie theaters I think. We wandered over to that area and checked out a few things before deciding to head back and get on the road for our long drive back to Eindhoven. 

Something I want to point out is I read online that there is some big dispute and controversy over the use of any photos of the Atomium itself.

  There is a company claiming ownership rights and that ANY photos taken by ANYONE belong to them.  Even for personal purposes or detailing a trip like this, they feel they have ownership rights to any photos that the Atomium is visible in.  US copyright laws would indicate this does not apply, however some are making the argument that the US laws don't apply (even though this company who owns the rights is in the US) because the object of the copyright is in Belgium. 

Here is a link to the information on the Atomium's website (which is rather ironic that the website as a whole has a link to Flickr and all photos tagged w/Atonium...go figure).  Hopefully mine meet the criteria for "free usage".  Anyways, if I have to take these photos down, then I will but I find it ridiculous I cannot post photos of somewhere I visited that would encourage others to go there and see it for themselves!

The non-profit organization Atomium has to supervise the reproduction of the image of the Atomium which has a significant symbolic value.

It is not allowed to reproduce the image in a wrong or inappropriate way (racist messages,…).
The protection of this architectural work was requested by André Waterkeyn, the engineer who designed it to represent Belgium at the Universal Exhibition in 1958 in Brussels.
The copyrights are being managed by the SABAM (Publishing rights society) and the non-profit organization Atomium, both assigned by Mr André Waterkeyn during his life and at this moment by his heirs.
The image of the Atomium cannot be reproduced or broadcasted without the authorization of the asbl Atomium.
The rates are different depending on the nature of the use, whether it is for cultural, educative or commercial purpose.

The use of the image of the Atomium is in some cases free of rights. For example pictures taken by visitors and placed on their private websites without any commercial perspective on a condition that it is a picture of low resolution (maximum 600 pixels and a resolution of 72 dpi).
This to avoid downloads and misuse of it. It is imperative to add the mention: "© SABAM 2009 - asbl Atomium vzw”  and the name of the photographer.
In accordance with the legislation, the copyright of the Atomium will automatically expire on October 4, 2075, 70 years after the death of André Waterkeyn.

The press can download and use the photographs and iconographic documents that are present in our virtual pressroom and which are freeware. However, for each one of these iconographic stereotypes or documents it is also imperative to mention, in addition to the copyright © Sabam 2009 - www.atomium.be, the copyright of the photographer who is the author.

For more information: julie.almau@atomium.be and julie.sevrin@sabam.be

photo by: Vlindeke