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RJ (RJ82's) enjoying the whipped cream:P
Before RJ 'catch the plane ride' to Europe, he told me he had planned for a round Europe trip end of 2008 and would make a stop in Amsterdam before new year for a mini meetup! That is really fantastic, I'm looking forward for that!
Just few days before he arrived, we contacted and he said, the meetup will be on 30th around noon at Dam Square.
Then I received his TB message saying on the 29th at Dam Square:O
Glad I knew his personality by reading his London blog, so I called him to counter check!
Never knew that Wally end up waiting for them on 29th instead:(

On 30th I woke up early, took a shower, had my breakfast and out the door to catch the train to Amsterdam just before 11am.
Grzegorz (Jegs)

Jegs came along together with RJ, I never really corresponded with Jegs in TB but I knew both of them were great click in RJ's London trip '07.

On the meetup day, the temperature was somewhere a couple of degree below zero and the closest place that we could warm up was inside Majestic cafe.
So we walked into the cafe and grab a vacant table that was near the window, as Jegs and RJ said there were some more coming.
While waiting for the rest to arrive, we placed our drink order, we waited not too long, Mike turmed up first followed by Sal.
Lili was supposed to meet us at the cafe too, but she was stucked in the queue in the central station for her alteration of the ticket to Paris.
So the guys decided to walk over to the train station and see what's keeping her so long.
We arrived at the train station, all of us started hunting for Lili:P
There she was!!! She was waiting in the queue right inside of the customer service centre.
Sal (sincitytraveler)

She had yet to wait in queue for quite abit, we decided to stay there with her.
And there goes the 'fish market'.... we were talking and laughing out loud till the counter staff asked us to lower our volume.
She must be wondering what a bunch of noisy tourist in town, OMG!!

Glad that never took the whole day long:)
We tried to capture some pics while we were at the service centre.
Then I suggested to go for Hong Kong Dim Sum in Chinatown.
Everyone agreed, so we walked out from the station and head to Chinatown.
Along the way I pointed out to them - the outdoor man's toilet by the street.
So we started to ask Mike to go in there so that we could capture a pic of that!
Mike said, no way I'm not going to do that! Plus is freezing cold! :P
We continued our mini tour into the Red Light district.
Mike (mikevirgo0824)

Soon we arrived in the Hoi Tien restaurant, we settled ourselves at one of the tables, ready to take a look at the menu, till one of the service stuff told us she would arrange a bigger table for us, which was excellent!
I placed order for different variety of Hong Kong dim sum for them to try.
While waiting for the food to be served, Lili handed over those train maps that she collected for Jegs, it was interested to know that Jegs loves collection of different train maps from different countries and also the different types of train ticket.
After our meal, they were mentioning about windmill and Sal said he saw a windmill outside his hotel room window, so we head for that direction but never bumped into any of the windmill.
Instead we walked into a Albert Heijn (one of the supermarkets) to warm up abit and Sal end up in a mini helicopter, here goes the paparazzi, that is how Sal end up to be Las Vegas Police petrol!
Since Lili is small built and we thought was a great idea for her to sit in it and took some lovely shots of her in the mini helicopter!

I knew Zaanse Schans was an ideal place for them to see windmills, was about 10 to 15min train ride from Amsterdam central but was getting dark very soon and with that freezing temperature that might not be a brilliant idea.

I was not sure if they wanted that, so after our discussion, the majority voted to visit Zaanse Schans.

Upon arrival, there were some upgrading work on the bridge connecting to Zaanse Schans from the main road, so we had to take a ferry to go over instead.
It was so freezing cold brrrr..... glad we were able to capture some lovely 'warm' shots!
While we reached Zaanse Schans, Sal pointed out- will be lovely to captured a pic with the moon, an extremely bright shining star with the windmill in the middle of both. So Mike took out his 'weighing less than 4 mosquitoes' camera and try to captured a couple of pictures!
Here goes the pics....

Zaanse Schans has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses, is one of the popular tourist attractions of the region and an Anchor Point of ERIH, The European Route of Industrial Heritage.

It was close to dinner time, so we quickly catch a train back to Amsterdam city central.
Along the way to the station we had conversations about 'shit' ha ha ha:D That was really hilarious!
At that time we were all feeling freezing cold, I did have that thought of bringing them to a nice place for dinner, but was too cold to walk that distance, so we ended up in an Argentina restaurant located in Damrak.
The food was not that great but we really had fun talking and laughing thru out the dinner.
After dinner, we went off our own different ways, since that was the first time Lili's visiting in Amsterdam, I accompanied her back to her hotel to refresh and walked with her to the karaoke pub in Chinatown.
We had alot to talk at that time and she shared the story about the 'chicken gang' when we were in her hotel room.

We were ready to head to the pub.....
We had to wait for awhile for the tram to arrive, glad that never took the whole night long:P
After arriving in Damrak, we had to walk a short distance to the pub, along the way Lili and I were wondering who's there in the pub at that time!
When we arrived in the pub, we were glad to see the guys again and some new faces for this meetup!
There goes the paparazzi again, flashes all over the pub and lots and lots of lovely photos taken!
I told RJ I planned to leave in a short while, and he told me to wait for him coz he was also leaving soon.
So in not too long the 3 of us said goodbye to the rest in the pub, Jegs & RJ walked me to the station, that is so lovely of them:)

This meetup was really a wonderful and unforgettable one!
I really had lots of fun moments with the 'gang', maybe shall name it "Cuty pie gang!"
Lili, RJ, Jegs, Sal & Mike let me know what u guys think of this name?!
KeikoCreative says:
Thanks Kora, glad u like them:)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
Koralifix says:
Neat story & funny photos :)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
RJ82 says:
yeah everyone leave grzechu alone! hes a great guy! no kidding. lol
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009
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RJ (RJ82s) enjoying the whipped c…
RJ (RJ82's) enjoying the whipped …
Grzegorz (Jegs)
Grzegorz (Jegs)
Sal (sincitytraveler)
Sal (sincitytraveler)
Mike (mikevirgo0824)
Mike (mikevirgo0824)
Meeting Lili in Amsterdam station
Meeting Lili in Amsterdam station
Take 1
Take 1
Lets make some funny act.... Take…
Let's make some funny act.... Tak…
Having fun in the freeze temperatu…
Having fun in the freeze temperat…
Enjoying Hong Kong Dim Sum!
Enjoying Hong Kong Dim Sum!
Thanks to RJ making this meetup a …
Thanks to RJ making this meetup a…
Walking along Amsterdam shopping s…
Walking along Amsterdam shopping …
Mike is getting ready to take out …
Mike is getting ready to take out…
Ha ha fun in the cold!
Ha ha fun in the cold!
Sal on the slide!
Sal on the slide!
Sals helicopter!
Sal's helicopter!
Lilis helicopter!
Lili's helicopter!
Yes!!! Isssss freezing cold!!!!
Yes!!! Isssss freezing cold!!!!
Windmill in Zaanse Schans
Windmill in Zaanse Schans
Dinner in Argentina restaurant!
Dinner in Argentina restaurant!
Lili I like this take!
Lili I like this take!
RJ waiting patiently for our dinne…
RJ waiting patiently for our dinn…
Followed by the Karaoke in Casabla…
Followed by the Karaoke in Casabl…
TBers in the pub!
TBers in the pub!
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