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This is what I call a coke with ice!
If people think about Nevada, they usually think of Las Vegas.
Staying in Vegas is great. You can do ANYTHING you want there, almost any time of the day.
Wanna fire a machine gun? Go to the Gun Store at East Tropicana.
Wanna drive a genuine race car? Go to Las Vegas Motor Speedway at I-15.

But one of the great things of staying in Las Vegas: You're in the middle of the desert. Just 20 minutes by car, and you'll find yourself in some prehistoric looking desert scenery, like Red Rock Canyon State Park. Step out of the car and go for a walk. It's hot outside... 120 degrees Fahrenheit! You don't sweat, because it's a very dry heat. Doesn't feel uncomfortable. I love that dry heat. Just be sure to have a cooler with lots of beverages in your car's trunk.
Extraterrestrial Highway 375 - Seemingly neverending road

You're not into walking? Lucky you, Red Rock Canyon State Park is one of those parks designed as drive through park. You don't even have to get out of your air conditioned car to enjoy the scenery, if you don't want to. Well, maybe they didn't intend to design the park like this in the first place. But usually, most U.S. national and state parks have very good infrastructure and are easily accesible by car. Not to mention that there's usually a nice air-conditioned visitor center, operated by friendly and helpful park rangers.

Not enough red rocks for you?
Go to Valley Of Fire State Park, 80km north east of Vegas. It's the oldest state park of Nevada, opened in 1935. The best red rocks in the world, if you ask me. Barely any tourist there. Enjoy the loneliness. Have a little walk between the really surreal looking red rocks.
Parking lot of Little Alien Inn, Rachel, NV. If you're an alien, watch out for the guy with the towing truck, he likes to hijack flying saucers ;-)
Be sure to remember your path - you can easily get lost in between those rocks, they somehow look all alike. Some ancient indians, the Anasazi, left some fine pieces of prehistoric art on those rocks.
If you are a trekkie the scenery probably will look familiar - Star Trek Generations was partly filmed on location there.

Not enough loneliness you say?
Well, while you're on your way back to Las Vegas on I-15, just take the next exit to Highway 93 north, then after 1 1/2 hours go left on Highway 375, known as "The Extraterrestrial Highway" because of reportedly sightings of U.F.O.s.
Have a cold drink at the "Little Ale'Inn" at Rachel, N.V.
Pretty lonely place there. You can lie down in the middle of the highway for a nap if you wanted haha ;-)

When you are heading back to Vegas, which will take you approximately 3 hrs, you've probably had enough loneliness for that day and will enjoy the pulsating life in Vegas!

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This is what I call a coke with ic…
This is what I call a coke with i…
Extraterrestrial Highway 375 - See…
Extraterrestrial Highway 375 - Se…
Parking lot of Little Alien Inn, R…
Parking lot of Little Alien Inn, …
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