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Attempting to take a photo in front of the poster for La Matassa
Today was a fun day. Well, it didn't quite start off that way. It was a pretty stressful day of classes but it was nice when the day was finally over. My roommate and I had made plans to go see an Italian film at the movies. We have both hopelessly fallen for Roma and have decided that we will live here one day, so now with almost everything we do, there can be found the intention to improve our Italian skills.

We decided on a silly comedy called La Matassa. We figured a comedy with a formulaic script and over-done jokes, we were sure to be able to understand some of what was going on. We were right! We had a great time! I'd say I understood about 35% of what was being said in the movie...something I'm very excited about! It's a huge improvement from where I started when I first arrived here.
Crepes con nutella e mascarpone....and gelato of course
It's amazing how I've studied Spanish for years but can understand Italian so much better when it's spoken. It's so true that living a language is really the best way to learn it.

I'm really tired but I just want to write about the experience of going to the cinema before I go to sleep. Well, it's no secret to any foreigner living in Rome that the Italians do not do lines very well, BUT at the movies, it's a whole different ballgame. I mean to call what was going on at that box office a line would have been a joke completely. I mean, you would have thought that they were giving away free money the way people were pushing and squeezing together. We didn't mind though. While being pushed around, people were happy to answer our questions about where to buy tickets.
written on the sweet!!
It's funny how none of the pushing seems to be malicious. It's just how they do it here. I kind of like it actually. I mean over-organizing can be a bad thing right? Why not just have a good time and get things done when they get done. (Anyone who knows me knows I'm already fitting in better here because of my innate inability to be on time for anything. So believe me, I'll be the last to complain about the Italian way of life.) Anyway getting back to the story, tiny Momo somehow squeezed herself up to the front of the line. Through the crowd of Italians I somehow heard her ask ever so softly, "Due studentesse per la Matassa, per favore," to which the man at the counter helpfully replied, "It's in Italian." Momo smiled in the charming way that is so uniquely her, "Va bene, va bene!" The guy at the counter laughed and handed her the ticket.
gelato on crepes....even better!

A few pushes, squeezes, and "permesso"s later, we walked into the theater and took our seats. Well we took seats. Funny because while the Italians don't seem to preoccupy themselves too much with things such as organization and efficiency (again, no complaints here! hehe), they find surprising ways to do things just differently enough to confuse me. Not too long after we'd taken our seats, two women approached us, looked at their tickets, and read us their seat numbers. Seat numbers? Who would've guessed? After practically stepping on people to buy our tickets, we actually had assigned seating. We laughed, got up, and apologized, to which we received a pleasant, "niente," and found our assigned seats. The movie started shortly thereafter, and we enjoyed it very much. After that, we took the metro to Ottaviano, got some crepes and gelato, and walked home. Once we finally got the internet in the residence working properly, we were able to book our hostels for Firenze and Lucca!!! Yay!!

I am soo excited to visit Lucca! It's where my Italian ancestors are from! I would love to try to look up relatives there someday but for now, I simply don't have time. But I'm not too worried. It just gives me more of a reason to come if I needed any ;-) hehe.

I know I don't update as frequently as I'd like, but I'm trying to get better. I've started writing and drawing in a journal as well. I feel like since I've been here, I've gotten back a part of me I'd sacrificed so long ago. I don't know where it's going to lead me, but I'm so happy I took this chance. Everyday, I'm so impressed by the warmth and kindness of the people here. That hasn't changed at all. Sure, there have been some instances where things didn't go so well, but in general I've never been happier in my life. I feel like I've truly found home here. Next adventure....working on coming back. Well actually, next adventure, Florence and Lucca this weekend. Next long-term adventure, working on getting back to Italy.

Wish me luck!
Romebuddy says:
have to figure it out, maybe you are so used to have perfect lines in the US that the ones we make here are not very clear since they are not very precise, lol.

at the cinema you ask for which seats you want to have unless somebody already booked them but I don't know if you girls were capable to ask for that.

I'm glad you and your friend are enjoying Rome, here's one tip for something to see in Rome, there's a door that has a small hole in it from which you can see a samll passage with trees at the sides and at the end of it you can see San Pietro, go and see it, it's very nice.

Ciao ragazza!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
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Attempting to take a photo in fron…
Attempting to take a photo in fro…
Crepes con nutella e mascarpone...…
Crepes con nutella e mascarpone..…
written on the swee…
written on the swe…
gelato on crepes....even better!
gelato on crepes....even better!
photo by: vulindlela