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I came to NYC the first time in October 2004. Then I wanted to see as many sights as possible, and spent almost every day of the 3 weeks I was there criss-crossing Manhattan and visiting the museums. Although I still tend to get lost, I dare say I know the City quite well. My friend Eric is a cop who used to patrol Manhattan, and when I would tell him about the places I went to see, he would laugh and say "You know Manhattan better than me!" Now, how about that? The truth is, I feel very much at home here and enjoy the City very much.  Thou I find metropolises in general annoying and too noisy after a while, NYC has captured me. A perfect day might even be just a stroll through Greenwich Village or an afternoon in a pub in the theater district. Maybe it's because I live in a sleepy smalltown where 9 month of the year every day is the same, every face you see is old, and the time runs very slowly. When I was leaving to NYC, a cousin wished me a good break, where I answered "I don't need a break. I need action!" As I said before, on my first visit to NYC I went to see the sights and museums, and by doing that was too tired to go out in the evening. This time I wanted to make it the other way round - a minimum of sightseeing, but instead shopping and going out. And most of all, spending as much time as possible with my dear friend Ivana - anyone who knows what it's like when an important and loved person moves to the other end of the globe, will understand that, even being in such an exciting city like NY  for a short limited time, spending a day just in the house with this friend doing nothing is absolutely not a wasted day. And when it's snowing outside and freezing cold, a movie and some hot tea makes a wonderful pastime.

So, since I don't feel like making a completely different travelblog about NYC in 2004, I'll just put these two visits together, which will give you future NYC visitors a little insight into the Big Apple's sights, museums and night life.

By the way, newyorkans don't call their city the Big Apple.

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New York
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